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How does Wang Sicong and Chen Yating fatten four Wang Sicong and add new love?

A netizen met Wang Sicong in Osaka Universal Studios. In the photo, Wang Sicong was wearing a white cap, a gray coat and jeans with holes. He was carrying a small backpack with something in his hand. Wang Sicong's side face looked handsome and seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

What is Wang Sicong and Chen Yating? Is Chen Yating Wang Sicong's new girlfriend?

Now, with Ig winning the title, Wang Sicong looks very happy and radiant. Standing beside Wang Sicong in a pink coat and a white cap, the woman with a bag on her back looks more like Chen Yating, Wang Sicong's girlfriend. Wang Sicong, who just won the championship, is in a good mood. He flies to Japan from South Korea to play with his girlfriend. Wang Sicong wears his girlfriend's hat and carries the bag for him. Their relationship looks very good, a little sweet.