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Is tiktok male or female? Hi, sister Mao is so handsome

Is it tiktok or male? In fact, superfluous and sister Mao are actually one person, one person is divided into two parts, superfluous is a normal man's disguise, while Maomao is a man's disguise as a woman after wearing a wig. But after taking off the wig, the original beauty is so rebellious!

Recently, tiktok has a song called "Hi, oh" very fire. Well, hey, oh, life has reached its tiktok … … actually it's not a complete song, it's a video recorded on the shaking voice called "superfluous and hairy elder sister". Besides magic dance, this is a song sung in dialect.

Two people appeared as like as two peas in the video, one dressed in normal clothes, and the other with a yellow hair and a girl with exaggerated expressions. The two men grew exactly the same except for one long hair and one short hair. At first, they thought that two people were dragon and Phoenix fetus. Later, after watching the video carefully, they found out that they were actually a person.

The girl in the video is actually the boy wearing a wig and changing into a girl's dress. Although it looks like the name of two people, redundancies and sister Mao are actually one person, one person playing two roles. They have both girls' and boys' sides. The videos recorded by this account are very funny. After the song "hello", redundancies and sister Mao are also popular It's on fire.

Sister Mao, is a very funny person, before because of the high yo, I feel that life has reached the peak fire all over the network. It's the video that sister Mao pretended to be recording at the disco. It's really funny. That video has also been imitated by many people. Sister Mao did try her best to be funny. Every piece is very hot. When you are not happy, you can go to see the video of sister Mao, which can make you laugh until you have stomachache.

When I saw the video of fire, I really thought it was a girl. What I didn't expect was a boy, just wearing a wig, but. There is no sense of disobedience. In fact, he is a very fresh-looking little brother. When you talk well, your voice is also very magnetic. When it's funny, it's really someone else. After reading the photos, netizens all said, but are all handsome brothers not good? We have to come to this set. Obviously, we can rely on our beauty, but on our talent. Do you think it's handsome?