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What to do if there are a lot of molds at home

Black mold usually appears in the humid, dark corner, and spread rapidly, is the bane of many homeowners. Fortunately, there are many everyday chemicals that can be used to remove blackberries, including borax, bleach, tea tree oil, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Wear protective gloves when you clean up the mildew, and throw away all the items that are completely polluted. Read on and learn more ways to get rid of blackberries.

1 search for hidden mold areas. Sometimes you can find it behind the drywall, inside the doorframe, and under the sink. Some of the hidden black mold signs include a strong smell, curved boards, and decoloured ceilings.

2. Replace the moldy articles. Sometimes, removing mold is not removing it; you may need to change something. The following items may be moldy, evaluate their damage and decide whether to replace them: bathroom floor, blanket and other textile floor and ceiling

Close the moldy room. This method can prevent the spores from flying to different houses through the air. Close the door tightly and seal the vent pipe, door and other places where air can escape with plastic and tape.

Protect yourself in mold. Wear a dust mask, clothing, or a cloak that can be easily removed, cleaned, or even treated. Wear rubber gloves and goggles to protect your eyes so that mold doesn't touch your body.

Limit dust and debris to a small area. When you throw away anything moldy, pack it in a bag as soon as possible. In this way, the spores of black mould can be prevented from emitting into the air. .

If you have a large area of black mold, find a professional mold handler. If the area of mold is more than 0.9 square meters, experts will suggest that you hire a professional black mold handler. At this moment, it is impossible to use daily products to prevent the growth of mold.

Remove the water source that nourishes mould to prevent mould from growing again. Repair leaking pipes, add better ventilation in the bathroom, or install dryers in the damp basement. Dry the room where you find mold and prevent more mold from forming.