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One day tour of Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou

Qiandao Lake in Chunan County, west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, 129 kilometers to Hangzhou in the East and 140 kilometers to Huangshan in the west, is the back garden of the Yangtze River Delta area. The scenic area is famous for its unique green water, thousands of islands, beautiful natural scenery and excellent ecological environment. It is named after 1078 green islands

On the island, there is the Hai Rui temple, with cornices and corners. From the Hai Rui temple, you can go up to the Ninggu bell tower through a 500 level stone step path. The building has a built-in ningdai iron clock. Visitors can enjoy the pleasure of crashing the clock, the scenery of lakes and mountains, the grand appearance of Qiandao Lake Town in the county across the water, and the rare beauty of the world.

When you arrive in Hangzhou, you can stay in Hangzhou if you are late. You can also travel to the West Lake at night.

The next day, take a bus from Jiubao passenger transport center to Qiandao Lake passenger transport center. There are basically buses to Qiandao Lake passenger transport center in every railway station in Hangzhou, among which the West bus station and the passenger transport center have the most flights. It takes two to three hours from Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake (there is a great possibility of traffic jam in Hangzhou).

After arriving, I bought back the ticket Island Lake passenger transport center in Hangzhou in advance, and I still need to take a bus, taxi or bus from the Qiandao Lake wharf. The price is affordable. By the way, you can ask the driver about the play strategies (this must be talked about, which is applicable everywhere).

Qiandao Lake has two wharves, the Central Lake area and the southeast Lake area. There are two or three tour routes, each of which has three or four islands. The yacht that basic individual guest wants to sit only has in the morning, do not open a boat in the afternoon, choose the route to play by oneself. You can book the ship tickets and island gate package tickets online in advance. You can also rent speedboats more freely. The price for individual passengers to take a large yacht is the ticket. There are more than 200 tickets for the yacht, including an average of 300 yachts for one person. The yacht can take ten people and can compete with others. There is a difference of about 80 or 90 yuan between the yacht and the big yacht, but the yacht will wait for you to play well at the docks of each island and then take you to the next Island, and the big yacht will leave when it reaches the time; the yacht can shorten the travel time on the Lake, and at the same time feel the pleasure of the ship beating the waves, and the feeling of shuttling between the islands is incomparable to the yacht.

You can make your own arrangements in other places, whether you want to play or not. Finally, have a good time.