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Why do boys like Feng Timo? High beauty little Laurie arouses the desire for protection

for boys, is it the existence of lovers in dreams? Who married the sentimental you, who comforted the crying you. No matter men or women, people's school days are always beautiful, and everyone will always like the one you used to be at the same table. That kind of heartache is far more pure than the real love entering the society. It is precisely because of this that the love in the school days is so memorable.

Recently, in his live broadcast, Feng Timo exposed his experience as a student. We have to say that our Timo is really not shy, but also narcissistic. According to Timo's description, almost every boy who has ever sat with her will involuntarily and involuntarily like himself. He has been liked by many boys.

In her words, 'every deskmate should like me again!' I don't believe it. Although you are beautiful, you sing well, but..., but you are small, and the king of heaven and the earth tiger, Timothy is one meter five, hhhhhh ~ ~, don't you say that the boys in your school days all like Lori? Lorisego? Three years of blood... Ah bah, as a good young man in the new era, it's shameful to deal with Lori!

But try to think about it. If you were sitting next to a girl like Timo when you were a student, wouldn't you be moved? Whether it's beauty or talent, fengtimo is indeed the dream lover of many boys.

It is precisely because of this that van tilmer has also captured a large number of fans. As a rare female anchor with both talent and skill, Feng Timo also has no negative rumors, which can't help but let the audience guess that as a student, Feng Timo is also a girl like class flower and school flower in school, but his height limits the audience's imagination, hehehehehehehehehehe!