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What are the worthy places to visit in Guilin

It is said that the landscape of Guilin is the best in the world. The scenery of Lijiang River is Guilin. This is a scenic spot that national leaders must see when they come to Guilin. The best thing to see in Lijiang is to take a three-star cruise ship to visit the panoramic Lijiang River. Remember not to take a Xingping cruise ship to visit Lijiang River. The local people are called Xingping small river.

2. The night view of Yangshuo West Street, together with Fenghuang in Hunan Province and Lijiang in Yunnan Province, is called China's third largest city of sexual encounters. Yangshuo also has a very good performance of Guilin's eternal love.

3 Longji terrace, the largest terraced field in China, is one of the 3 main tourist routes of Guilin tourism.

4. Yinyan, 'the world karst cave spectacle', cave music Shiping, Guanghan deep palace, snow mountain waterfall are called 'three wonders' and Buddhist scriptures, single pillar Qingtian and Hunyuan pearl umbrella are called' three treasures'. It is a new bright pearl in Guilin tourism circle, which takes the lead in male, strange, quiet and beautiful. I haven't figured out how the 3D effect is formed.

Guilin people also like to spend the night. The night life in Guilin starts after 8 p.m., which will make you feel that the night scene in Guilin is even more amazing. Zhengyang Road is an old pedestrian street and the most prosperous street in Guilin. There is a big 'bell tower' in the street center. The road spreads around the bell tower like Oxford Street in England. It is the most representative street in Guilin. Along the street there are all kinds of traditional snacks, all kinds of handicrafts, authentic restaurants. Walking here, I can see the life of Guilin people.