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How about the overdue interest? Interest calculation method of Huabei overdue one month

With the introduction of Alipay flowers, more and more people are using it. The mode of first consumption and payment is very popular. However, a lot of people are unable to make ends meet because of excessive consumption. So how to calculate the overdue interest?

How about one month overdue interest? Huabei is very happy to spend, but it will face serious punishment if it fails to repay after the deadline, and the penalty interest is very severe. Originally, Huabei's interest is not very much. As a result, due to the failure to repay in time, the penalty interest can only be imposed at last. The penalty interest of one month is terrible.

How much is the interest of Huabei overdue for one month? The interest of Huabei overdue is related to your overdue debt, because the interest of Huabei overdue is collected according to five thousandths of the overdue debt, and then, like the bank credit card, the compound interest will be calculated on a monthly basis.

And if Huabei is overdue for one month, it will charge 5 / 10000 of the overdue interest every day. How about one month overdue interest? Overdue interest = overdue amount & times; 0.05% & times; overdue days. So the overdue interest of one month = the overdue amount & times; 0.05% & times; 30.

For example, if you pay 2000 yuan overdue for a month, then the interest generated = 2000 & times; 0.05% & times; 30 = 30 yuan. It should be noted that when you spend money on repayment, if you have not actively repaid, then Alipay will automatically deduct money from your Alipay balance or balance treasure. So if you do not have enough funds in Alipay, it will easily lead to overdue.