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What soil is the best for orchid cultivation

Many friends like orchid because it is fresh and elegant. People who love orchids hope to take good care of orchids and pay special attention to their growing environment. So the question is, does orchid planting have any requirements for soil? What kind of soil does orchid farming need?

As we all know, orchid is the fleshy root, is the gas root. The characteristic of this kind of root is that the soil in which it is planted must be breathable and must not accumulate water. I believe that many orchid friends know this, but on this basis, orchids also need fertility, which can not be solved by applying chemical fertilizer alone.

The soil quality of every mountain is different, but they are all suitable for the growth of orchids. Now do you still believe in the special soil for orchids? Because of this, we can find different orchids in different mountains, which is the fun of looking for orchids. If the soil quality of every mountain is the same, and the orchids are the same, is there any fun of keeping orchids?

The so-called special soil for orchids refers to the preparation of plant materials suitable for the growth of orchid roots. First of all, pine bark, pine fruit, Phytolith, willow bark, etc. are collectively referred to as hard planting materials. Their characteristic lies in that they can form a ventilative basin environment, absorb water when there is much water, and exude water when there is drought.

The fertility of orchids should be natural. Humic soil on the mountain is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron and other elements due to years of leaf decay, which is actually beneficial to most plants. When we mix it with hard plant material, we can keep the orchid fed.

Of course, if you have rapeseed cake or tea cake, you can use them as base fertilizer after fermentation. The effect of these organic fertilizers is not comparable to that of chemical fertilizers, not only the fertilizer effect is long, but also the seedlings and roots will not be damaged.

So, as long as you master the two key points of orchid nutrient soil: ventilation and fertility. There is no need to go to the Internet to find those things, they do not necessarily better than you. After reading this article, I hope you can raise beautiful orchids!