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Who is not suitable to eat Saffron? How to eat saffron works best

In the TV series about traditional Chinese medicine, do you often see Saffron? How much do you know about Saffron? From the perspective of elder sister of traditional Chinese medicine, not all people with physical fitness are suitable to use saffron for maintenance.

Why can't I drink saffron every day

Because saffron is too excited. It can promote the exciting effect of uterus. Increase the contractile power of the uterus. Therefore, it is not suitable to take it for a long time. It can only be taken for two to three days in menstrual dysmenorrhea. But saffron is a cool medicine. It is usually used to treat severe dysmenorrhea. Combined with other traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation.

How to eat saffron works best

There are many ways to eat saffron. You can drink it in water, cook porridge, make soup, make wine, etc. So many ways to eat, how to eat the best effect? We recommend drinking directly with saffron. The way to drink saffron water is to use 5-10 saffron flowers each time, add water for 3 times or so, and then eat the flowers together. You can add some honey to increase the taste. Saffron water is the most simple and convenient way to drink. It is the best way to eat the silk and stick to it.

Saffron is not suitable for these five kinds of people

It is believed that many people know the effect of saffron, especially for the auxiliary treatment of gynecological diseases in women. For those who are short of Qi and blood, endocrine disorders, and prone to acne, saffron is a very mild nourishing Chinese medicine, but there are many people in life who are not suitable to take this Chinese medicine.

1. Pregnant women cannot drink

Pregnant people, in the diet need to pay attention to a lot, especially medicine, such as saffron this Chinese medicine is naturally not suitable for pregnant people to drink. After drinking saffron, pregnant women will cause rhythmic contraction of the uterus, and spastic contraction will occur in large doses, which will eventually cause abortion, so pregnant women had better not drink saffron.

2. Someone who just had an operation

Saffron has a very good effect of promoting blood circulation, so who can't drink it? For patients who have just had surgery and have obvious bleeding wounds, it's not suitable to drink saffron, which is not only bad for wound healing, but also causes more serious appearance.

3. Gastrointestinal patients cannot drink

Saffron has a wide range of functions and benefits to people, but it is not good for the intestines and stomachs. For example, patients with stomach ulceration or long-term gastrointestinal problems should drink less saffron as much as possible. The gastrointestinal function is not good. First of all, they need to recuperate the body, or they can not absorb the medicinal nature of saffron, and even affect the health of the body.

4. Women with excessive menstruation

Women can't drink saffron during menstruation. It has an exciting effect on the uterus, especially the female friends who have more menstruation. If you often drink saffron, it will lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even blood clots, so it is best not to drink saffron during menstruation.

5. Children cannot drink

The last thing to say about who can't drink saffron is children. Although saffron has many health benefits, it is also a kind of medicinal material. Generally, except for the tonic prescribed by doctors, any other tonic for external use is not suitable for children.

Can I drink saffron for a long time

Generally, it is OK.

In general, saffron as a daily health care, a small amount of long-term use is no problem, when taking saffron, you can stop 1 day every 3-4 days or drink 1 day every other day.