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Tencent responded to the blackmail virus! Blocked collection QR code wechat account property is not

Tencent issued an official response Thursday saying that wechat had banned the account of the blackmail virus's author for the first time and frozen the QR code for collection. Wechat users' property and account security are not threatened.

According to previous reports from Shanghai stock information, on December 1, Tencent security housekeeper received help from several users and was attacked by blackmail virus. According to investigation, the new blackmail virus encrypts common files such as Doc and JPG on the computer, and then uses wechat to pay QR code for ransom. The account number involved in extortion has been included in the abnormal list on the night of December 2.

Unlike other blackmail viruses, the blackmail virus did not change the file suffix. Once infected, the blackmail virus encrypts the valuable data such as txt and office documents on the user's computer, and releases a shortcut of "your computer files have been encrypted, click this to decrypt", then the decryption tutorial and the two-dimensional code for collection pop up, and finally forces the victim to pay the decryption fee by hand transfer.

Tencent said in an official response on Thursday that wechat has "zero tolerance" for any form of cybercrime. "We have been continuously cracking down on the network black production, realizing the whole chain of accurate strikes. Wechat currently has the most secure account protection system in the industry. It will remind and confirm high-risk transaction scenarios through background risk control strategy to protect user payment and property security. '

Tencent also reminds users that the blackmail virus may ask for transfer through any form of payment. If it is blackmailed, don't pay and call the police in time. At the same time, Tencent computer Butler provides decryption tools and human services to assist users in handling relevant situations.