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How to clean cashmere scarf? Can cashmere scarves be washed in hot water

How to wash the wool scarf? The wool scarf is a kind of scarf, which has a very good function of keeping warm. The wool scarf is comfortable and warm, so how to clean it better? Sharing the correct cleaning skills of cashmere scarf.

How to wash wool scarf

1. Soak in neutral water lotion at 35 degrees centigrade for 15 minutes for -20 minutes. Do not add enzyme or chemical auxiliaries containing bleaching and dyeing properties and lotions and shampoos to prevent erosion and discoloration.

2. Gently pat and rub with hand, do not rub to avoid pilling or felting.

3. Polychrome cashmere scarves should not be soaked, and cashmere scarves of different colors should not be washed together to avoid color stringing.

4. Wash it with 35 ℃ - 40 ℃ warm water for two or three times. Put some vinegar or softener in the final clear water. It will feel better. Put the washed cashmere scarf on the inclined plate, press the water out with hand or put it into the cloth bag, and dehydrate it in the dehydrating cylinder of the washing machine. Then lay flat to dry, do not hang to dry, so as to avoid deformation.

5. According to the pre cut paper clothing board, smooth the scarf and finish the shape. Put a wet towel on it and iron it with a medium temperature (about 140 ℃). Never contact the iron directly with the cashmere scarf.

6. When storing, the wool scarf should not be put together with other clothes to avoid being damaged by the zipper and button on the clothes. The scarf can be rolled into a tube shape and put into a drawer to avoid wrinkles when unfolding.

How to maintain wool scarf

1. Correctly understand the depilation phenomenon of scarf made of wool and other materials.

2. Avoid sharp hooks hitting objects. If a line is drawn, it can be flattened along the texture line.

3. If there is any local hook, needle or loose thread, it shall be stopped immediately and repaired.

4. Pay attention to the temperature when ironing the wool scarf. Spray some water mist on the scarf before ironing, and pay attention to the warp and weft direction as well.

5. Pay attention to reduce the larger friction, and the matching coat shall not be too rough and hard, so as to avoid friction damage, fiber strength reduction or pilling.

The difference between wool scarf and cashmere scarf

1. The materials are different. The wool in the wool scarf is generally sheep wool, and the raw material of the cashmere scarf is cashmere.

2. Texture is not used. Wool scarves should be a little harder than cashmere scarves, while cashmere scarves should be light, soft and waxy.

3. The origin is different. The world famous wool production place is Australia, but the cashmere production place is China Inner Mongolia.