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What is the best manicure for Christmas? 2018 manicure design collection

Christmas has a lot to do, so if it's done, your manicure will often appear in the last list. A pair of beautiful nails at Christmas can make you have a different mood. Today, I will summarize some good manicure patterns for you. Please refer to them.

Short clubs are a big hit. They are not only short, but also very round, and many of us are more likely to work together every day. If it sounds a little dull and doesn't add a shimmer like Christmas you like, it's like what you see here. It's just a small addition, but it makes the world different. You'll see the trend! When it comes to simple winter and Christmas nail ideas, you can get more winter designs than these lovely blue snowflakes!

You can choose to change the design on your fingernails, which we think is a good idea. The thumb can be dark blue, for example, moving to the pinkie, each nail brightening until you turn white.

We can't think of a better way to commemorate this humble Christmas tree than to design nails with these bright green and gold Christmas trees. What do you think? Rudolph's Red Nosed Reindeer... Admit it, do you sing too much? We like to replace Rudolph's nose with a red water drill. We think it's a genius idea!

You can't get more about winter than Santa and his reindeer assistant, which is why we love these simple Christmas designs. If the Christmas tree or Rudolph doesn't light up your life, what about Christmas gadgets? It's easy, too. It just starts with a circle, some sparkle makes it sparkle, then some green makes it look like it's hanging on the Christmas tree.