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What is the blessing formula of King glory Su lie? Is it difficult to collect Su lie's blessings

King glory launched the Thanksgiving plan after updating on November 22, which includes two activities and blessing leading heroes, as well as two limited time activities of light and dark choice. Obviously, blessing activities are more challenging. Players are also busy collecting and viewing various recipes, among which the recipes of Sulei are the most concerned. Now let's analyze the recipes of Sulei!

The blessing formula of King glory Su lie:

1 lotus cake + 1 osmanthus wine + 4 glutinous rice balls

Formula reward: Baili experience card, Sulei experience card, inscription, diamond, tenacious force back to the city special effect, etc!

The reason why this formula has attracted attention is that on the first day of participating in this activity, the system presented two praying props for each of the three kinds, while Su lie's formula needed four glutinous rice balls, that is to say, the formula could only be synthesized the next day. If the glutinous rice was used on the first day, if it was not obtained through the link shared by friends, it would accumulate another two days!

In addition, you will find a strange place. The propaganda map in the official activity announcement and Su lie's formula can also get Li Xin's blessing. But after a long time of testing this formula, Li Xin's blessing still hasn't been issued. There may be two reasons:

1. Formula 114 can indeed offer Li Xin's blessing, but the probability is relatively small, and it needs to be taken by chance;

2. The pictures in the announcement may be in-house version, not in the official service version, but the official did not change the pictures.

If there is a blessing out of Li Xin players can also share under Oh!