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What scarf is best to look at with a plaid coat in winter? Fashion concave modeling details cannot b

The plaid coat is classic and endurable. It will appear in autumn and winter every year, but this year is different from the previous years. With the popularity of plaid, many people begin to work hard on the details of accessories. What scarf is the best to look at with plaid coat? Today, Xiaobian will tailor a set of look for you.

Plaid coat with green scarf

Wearing a scarf in winter can be for the purpose of keeping warm, or for the purpose of being more delicate and beautiful. Fashionable ladies and sisters should learn to use the scarf to make winter wear warm and beautiful. The most common Plaid overcoat is gray and earth color, which is more versatile and shows temperament. In addition, it avoids the trouble of color matching. The earth color Plaid overcoat with green long scarf brings full vitality for winter.

Plaid coat with black scarf

Plaid coat is relatively complicated in vision. In order to avoid dazzling feeling, the color from inside to trousers should be careful to avoid mistakes. Instead of choosing a bright scarf to decorate, it's better to leave the bright color to the sock part of the lower body. It's more appropriate to match it with a safe and versatile black scarf.

Plaid coat with white scarf

In winter, we all love knitted fabric, which looks very warm and feels soft. Knitted scarf is the most common kind of scarf, affordable but warm enough, fashion icon will even use knitwear as a scarf. Plaid coat with white scarf is fresh and advanced.

Plaid coat with grey silk scarf

Silk scarf is a single product that can be used in all seasons of the year. It has a very strong decorative effect. For winter, silk scarf can only play a slight role in keeping warm, but it can greatly improve the whole body matching fashion sense. Plaid coat with grey silk scarf is fashionable and retro, showing the elegant temperament of women.