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What's going on with the Little Dragon Girl P-picture contest? Mao Xiaohui's nose shadow is too heav

What's going on with the Little Dragon Girl P-picture contest? It seems that netizens are not very satisfied with this year's little dragon girl. It is estimated that the works of Li ruotong and Liu Yifei have become classics. Today (December 4), is the nose shadow of Mao Xiaohui serious? What's the matter? Yesterday, the new version of the poster of the condor heroes was exposed. Among the fixed makeup posters of several leading actors, the actors of Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv attracted great attention.

And Mao Xiaohui is the new version of Xiaolongnv. In this poster, Mao Xiaohui's modeling maniac was tucked up. Many people make complaints about the importance of killing and lacking in immortality. Of course, there is still a gap between Mao Xiaohui and Xiao Longnv's modeling posters. They give people the illusion that they are too murderous, largely because the nose shadow is too heavy, which makes people feel fierce.

Does it create a sense of vision of the face? Compared with the little dragon girls in the past, it really lacks a lot of fairy feeling. More netizens beautify this poster. It's much easier to look at it than the original one. Let's have a look at some finished P-pictures of netizens

Who is Mao Xiaohui? Why can she play Xiaolongnv when she grows up like this? In fact, the new version of Xiaolongnv's actor Mao Xiaohui's life care was pretty beautiful in the past, and there is no such murderous feeling. Let's have a look

Mao Xiaohui, born in 1996, is a film actress and plane model in mainland China. She graduated from the performance Department of Shanghai Drama Academy. In 2012, a group of 'little fresh' photos on the basketball court attracted attention on the Internet. In May 2018, she played Hibiscus in the ancient costume drama "Hibiscus Flower West month brocade". That's what her life looks like