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What's the tiktok? Hey, oh, what's the song that life has reached its peak? Tiktok is good. Hey, who

Friends who love to tiktok have recently discovered a song that is "Hi," and the songs are very frequent. So what is the name of this song?

Shake well. Hey what's tiktok?

It is reported that this song is not a complete song. Tiktok is said to be a voice in order to show the difference between people in his city, so he used piano to match such a music, and netizens call it "plastic Putonghua".

The tiktok comes from a video of shaking, a funny video, a video of a friend shaking the city dances and a rural ditto. One of them is a good hi yo, and feels that life has reached its peak.

Later, the friends on the shaking voice tried to imitate the video. And there was a ghost user who launched the venom Angel version of Lu Chaohao, hi ho. It felt that life had reached the tiktok and bought a cold version. It was really funny. Combined with the hottest elements, it brought infinite joy to the friends.

The friend's tiktok is douyudouyu.

Microblog: surplus is surplus

At present, it has 46.5w fans and 168.1w videos have been praised. It's also because the video started and many people began to pay attention to it.

Video original words:

Good high yo!

It feels like life has reached its climax

It feels like life has reached its peak

Good shock

So dazzling, so colorful

That DJ is looking at me

He is looking at me.

Tiktok recently, a song that is very popular.

Let me stay with you - Eason Chan

Move something (explicit) - driving dance

Wandering small seller - Zhang Xuefei

The most beautiful expectation - Zhou Bichang

HandClap -- Fitz and The Tantrums

See It Again -- Loud Luxury

Where The Hood At -- DMX

Drunk Chibi - Lin Junjie

Wicked Wonderland -- Martin Tungevaag

Like your song - Jinfu

A good man. - jaeforeal