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What are the top 10 water heater brands? Top 10 water heaters

Winter water heater is a household appliance that many people must buy. Which brand of water heater is better to use? We can take the water heater brand ranking released by the evaluation agency as a reference and get to know it together.

First, Ariston. Italy brand, born in the 30s of last century, is the world's leading supplier of heating hot water system, with an annual sales of 7 million water heaters and heating products, and is one of the drafting units of relevant national standards for electric water heaters.

Second, Haier. Haier, a national brand and appliance giant, has not only the largest water heater production base in Asia, but also its sales volume has long been in the forefront of the market.

Third, beautiful. National brand, with a strong comprehensive strength, Midea electric water heater is very stable in the market, and its market share is also among the top three for many years.

Fourth, Smith. American brand, Smith American professional commercial hot water equipment and boiler manufacturer, took root in this field in 1936, and its product market has a good long-term feedback.

Fifth, Siemens. German brand, which entered China in 1994, has received a good reputation.

Sixth, Wan he. Wanhe, a famous trademark of Guangdong Province, is a professional gas appliance manufacturer with the largest production scale in China. Its market share of gas water heater is the first, and it also has an outstanding performance in the electric water heater.

Seventh, Wanjiale. Guangdong famous brand, in 2006 launched the first rapid heat storage water heater, and for many years maintain a stable market share in China.

Eighth, SHUAIKANG. SHUAIKANG, a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, is a household electrical appliance brand with kitchen and bathroom products as its main products. Its production scale has also been in the leading position in China for a long time.

Ninth, commander in chief. Shandong famous trademark is the third sub brand created by Haier Group after Haier and Casati.

Tenth, Emperor Huadi. Guangdong famous brand, domestic famous brand of kitchen electricity. Although there are not many models of vantage electric water heater, the market performance of positioning cleaning is also remarkable.

These are the top ten brands of water heaters. They are for your reference only. I don't know which one you like?