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Why eat more radishes in winter? What's the advantage of eating radish in winter

there is a folk saying that eating carrots in winter and ginger in summer does not require doctors to prescribe prescriptions. That is to say, we should eat ginger in summer and radish in winter. Many people are very confused. Why eat radish in winter? What's the advantage of eating radish in winter? For those who like health preservation, let's get to know.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has been summer since May. This time of year is the time when the Yang is the most vigorous. It radiates from our body, so the weather becomes more and more hot. But at the same time, the internal Yang heat becomes less and less, so it's easy to defecate and cold, so the ground becomes more cold and cold, the same is true in our body.

So summer unified dry mouth, easy to diarrhea. Winter is the opposite of summer. It's cold at this time, but the ground is really hot, so is human body. In a word, in summer, the Yang is distributed on the surface, and the body is cold, so we should eat ginger to warm our spleen and stomach; in winter, it is cold, but the inside is full of Yang, so the stomach is hot, eating radish can effectively clear the heat.

On the other hand, it's hot in summer, so people always like to eat some cold food or air conditioning in order to cool down. It's easy to damage the Yang of our spleen and stomach, mainly manifested in the fear of cold, stomachache, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc. at this time, drinking some ginger soup can effectively play the effect of dispersing cold and heat; Winter is a tonic season, so people like to tonify at this time, and because of the cold weather, so the activity is correspondingly reduced, at this time, the body will appear the situation of internal heat. At this time, eating radish can clear away heat and phlegm. So, eating radish in winter and ginger in summer is a good way to keep healthy.

The reason of eating ginger in summer

Why eat ginger in summer, first of all, from the weather. In summer, the weather is hot, so in order to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, the pores of the skin are completely open, so the Yang in the body is not very strong. If we eat excessive cold drinks or raw and cold food at this time, then our spleen and stomach will be damaged, and stomachache and diarrhea will easily occur. Therefore, when the weather is hot in summer, eating some ginger properly can effectively help the body warm up the spleen and stomach, disperse the content, and have a good health care effect for disease prevention.

Modern medicine has found that some extracts of ginger can effectively stimulate the gastric mucosa in the body, so as to stimulate the sympathetic nerve to produce reflex excitation, which plays a good role in promoting blood circulation, strengthening the stomach and eliminating food consumption. Ginger contains volatile oil, which can effectively enhance the secretion of gastric juice and gastrointestinal peristalsis, so as to help digestion; ginger can be separated from gingerone and other mixtures, so as to effectively treat vomiting.

There are many ways to eat ginger, such as raw food, ginger soup, porridge, seasoning, etc., which can not only make the taste of food more delicious, but also can achieve the role of stomach and digestion.

The reason of eating radish in winter

It's cold in winter. In order to resist the cold, people always choose to close the doors and windows, or turn on some heating and air conditioning. Because the doors and windows are closed tightly, it leads to hot and dry air, and the air is also more turbid. In this environment for a long time, it is more likely to suffer from diseases. Therefore, even in the cold winter, it may be necessary to open windows properly every day for ventilation, which will help air circulation and health.

So is our body. It's cold in winter, so the pores in our skin are in the state of contraction, which leads to more vigorous Yang in our body. In addition, due to the decrease of people's activity in winter, the chance of sweating and heat dissipation will be reduced, and because this is a tonic season, many people like to eat hot food such as mutton and beef, which makes it easier for us to have internal heat. In the long run, dyspepsia will occur. If we eat more cool radish, it can not only cure the internal heat, but also eliminate the accumulation and lead to stagnation.

In daily life, there are many kinds of radish. Modern research has found that radish contains a lot of lignin, which can effectively inhibit the growth of tumor and increase the activity of phagocytes in the body. In addition, radish also contains a lot of crude fiber, which can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and has a good effect on preventing constipation and detoxification.

Therefore, it is very reasonable to eat radish in winter and ginger in summer. The ancients used food to regulate the health of the body, which is a very good way of health preservation, and also the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients. But perhaps we should pay special attention to the fact that although this health preservation method is good, it should also be used in an appropriate amount every day, and it can not be eaten every day, otherwise it is easy to hurt the body.