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Do you need to wake up when drinking Pu'er tea? What are the benefits of Pu'er tea

In recent years, Pu'er tea has been recognized and concerned by more and more friends. It has also become a daily drink for people to improve their physical fitness and health care. But many people have different tastes when they drink tea. What's the matter?

What's the reason? The answer is' wake up tea '.

In fact, when drinking Pu'er tea, you think it's not well brewed, maybe it's not well awakened. At this time, you might as well let it 'wake up' first. During the training of tea artists, there is also the link of this training - "wake up tea".

Pu'er tea is like a sleeping lion waiting for you to wake up.

Do all tea need to wake up? As far as Pu'er tea is concerned, whether it is raw tea or cooked tea, whether it is new tea or old tea, it needs to wake up.

Why wake up tea? What's the advantage?

Wake up tea will break the original stable state of tea, which can make tea quickly oxidized in a short time. In this way, the tea soup brewed out is more harmonious and the aroma is more comfortable. In other words, wake up tea, wake up well, the tea soup can show a better state. After all, when sleepy and sleepy, tea can't really show itself.

For example, the existing Pu'er new tea, after waking up, can speed up the rapid integration of the contents of tea, improve the coordination of tea soup, reduce the bitter taste, and improve the palatability of tea soup.

Because the new tea in a year, especially the raw tea, has a relatively rough taste and a heavy bitter taste. After waking up the tea, it can show the best side to the tea friends. Similarly, the same is true for Pu'er old tea. After a period of waking up, the contents of the tea will become active, the consistency and alcohol of the tea soup will be significantly improved, and the storehouse taste will be greatly reduced.

If Pu'er loose tea is still in an open environment, it can be picked up and drunk at any time. Such loose tea, there is no need to wake up deliberately.