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What is tiktok? Where is my brother from

Recently, in the tiktok, we can often hear a sentence of "coming, brother," which is very interesting. It is a voice of a more middle-aged and middle-aged elder sister who sounds very cordial. So where is the source of his brother?

Here comes my brother's introduction

What's tiktok tiktok is the most famous one in the northeast, and the most famous one is the kidneys. Why? Think there is a voice on the jitter that is called "friend", who love to eat the kidneys. In his video, you can see that this big brother has to go to the gym to lose weight every time he speaks, but every time he sees the big waist, he controls all the time. I can't control myself.

Because she often goes there, the elder sister always says "come on, brother". Of course, the open voice of the elder sister makes these four words very magical. It's also because every time it's like this, so these four words are on fire. At the same time, it's also the waist sister's fire. Many shaking friends call "coming brother" as devil summon.

Recently, a buffeting friend has made these videos into a collection, which makes many netizens unable to carry them.

Tiktok came to my brother.

After all, the netizen named Zhengyou said that he would go to the gym to lose weight every time he recorded the video, but the final result was to run to the roadside to eat all kinds of barbecue and snacks. So in this video, he constantly reminds himself that he can't eat or not. Finally, when he comes to the eldest sister's place, everyone opens his mouth and says, "I'm old, brother! What can I do for you? Let's have two strings of kidney. '

Because of this, the tiktok was on fire, and the elder sister was also called "waist sister". Of course, she came to conquer the whole chattering.