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Why does Na Ying look down upon Dao Lang? What's the personal grudge of the English Dao Lang

Although it has been many years since the incident happened, it has been mentioned by netizens so far. We all know that Dao Lang became famous after the millennium, and his works gained a high degree of singing with songs such as "the first snow in 2002", "lover" and "punishment on impulse". At that time, his genuine album sales reached 2.5 million, which was beyond the reach of other singers. But Na Ying doesn't seem particularly satisfied with Dao Lang, and even has some discrimination.

At the 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Xiao Shenyang also sang a song "the first snow in 2002" imitating Dao Lang, which shows that Dao Lang's influence is still very strong in 2009.

However, Dao Lang, who was so popular at that time, met with a "slap on the head", and the man who gave Dao Lang a stick was Na Ying.

In 2010, Na Ying served as the chair of the judges of the ten-year grand ceremony of music billboard. She had a conflict of opinion with other members of the jury when selecting the "influential singer of the ten-year music circle". She strongly opposed Doulang's inclusion. She believes that although the sales volume of Dao Lang is high, the works' do not have aesthetic standards' are lack of musicality. Later, he said: 'it's all farmers who go to KTV to order Daolang songs', which caused controversy of public opinion.

Apply media comments:

In a word, it's clear that the British don't look up to Dao Lang, and even look down upon his works. On the contrary, Dao Lang has proved again and again that he is relying on his strength and doesn't care how others evaluate him. After all, the facts are not what some people say.

There are also media quotes from the public:

Some netizens think that music itself is very subjective and should be diversified. Music that farmers love to listen to is not necessarily without music. Music in every stratum has its own advantages and disadvantages. The essence of music is the truth that musicians should follow.

In fact, music is a feeling, not to say which music is good, which music is not good, as long as listening like happy.

Anyway, at that time, this incident caused quite a stir. No one said who was right or wrong. This incident gradually dissipated with the passage of time.

However, after all, this is an event. The consequence of the event is that Dao Lang 'disappeared' in 2011.

After the experience of red, Dao Lang suddenly 'disappeared' after 2011, which makes people unprepared and has no premonitory signs. Until now, Dao Lang's name has been cast as a legend with a mysterious color. For the reason why Dao Lang retired, in the news that Zou Ruping knew, he wanted everyone to feel the works, rather than pay attention to him. If so, it would be out of the original intention.