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On the way of growing up, how can parents care for their children and thrive

All for children, all for children. As parents, we always unconsciously think about many unknown things for our children. While making money for their children's relatively good living conditions, we hope that they can grow up healthily. However, people's energy is often limited, which is inevitable to be neglected. Only after a long time, we find that our children are very introverted, stuffy most of the time, and unwilling to communicate with others. Looking at other people's active speech in class and free performance on the stage, I can't help worrying about my children. What should I do if I go on like this?

Most parents worry that introversion will lead to mental illness and mental and physical development. It's true that autism and juvenile delinquency are very high now. Parents should take precautions as early as possible and help children correct their deficiencies in time. But the child is introverted, which is often manifested as that he is often alone, does not like to contact with others, is not good at talking with others, is more happy, angry, irritable and pessimistic in mood. After all, it's the performance of children's lack of sense of wholeness and self-confidence. They may only express themselves in front of familiar people, or they may encounter obstacles due to their poor psychological quality, often they don't know what's going on.

How can we, as parents, improve and correct children's introversion? Here are some tips to learn!

From the perspective of parents themselves, it is necessary to create a harmonious family environment. A child who grows up in a warm and stable family environment knows how to be loved and loved. They will be happy to communicate with their parents, share family stories with them, and help to cultivate a cheerful and lively person. Encourage children to communicate more than their peers, and children will have their own secrets and stories, learn to share and gradually become confident. As parents, they can create more opportunities for children to interact with children. When a child's personality is too introverted, parents must have a peaceful attitude, actively communicate with the child, praise the child more, make the child feel great, and change slowly.

Of course, Xiaobian doesn't think it's a bad thing for children to be introverted. Sometimes it's just that the children are a little quiet. Most of the children with few words are very rich in heart. They usually think more, are not easy to be rash, and have a keen observation. Parents must pay more attention to their children's physical and mental health, and distinguish them. They should not be self defeating and actively guide their children to thrive on the road of growth!