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Tearful example 3 have you seen it? Recently, the special program "model 3" launched by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and CCTV has aroused strong repercussions in the whole Party and the whole society, which is deeply felt. Today, I would like to share some learning experience of "model 3" with you. Welcome to read it!

Model 3 learning experience 1000 words

On the evening of November 9, the special program model 3, which was jointly recorded by the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the Central Radio and television station and reflected the typical deeds of Excellent Communist Party members and advanced grass-roots party organizations, was premiered. With the theme of "never forget your original heart and remember your mission", the program invited eight excellent Communist Party members, such as the old party members, rural medical students, grass-roots village cadres, and scientific and technological workers, to share the struggle of the new era The story explains the lofty ideals of the party with advanced deeds, shows the determination and perseverance of the Communists who do not forget their original mind and keep their mission in mind, and shows the spirit of the Communists who are the masses, brave to take responsibility and willing to contribute. These advanced representatives who do not forget to protect their original intention and actively practice their mission in ordinary posts, always put the people at the top of their hearts, and devote their lives to the cause of the party and the country are examples for all of us to follow. On November 9, he went back to the branch of BeiXue district and issued a notice to all Party members and cadres, asking them to watch the program "model 3" on time. In the first section of the morning of November 12, the school organized all Party members and cadres to use the theme party day activity time to watch "model 3" collectively. Through watching, I feel deeply.

Polish with perseverance to sing the praises of the times. A good song can not be separated from the perfect combination of words and music, but also requires the singer to figure it out carefully, so as to achieve a perfect performance. A hymn of the times, the Party member is not only the author of Ci, but also the composer and the singer. We need every Party member with firm faith, pragmatic style, clear mind, and full commitment to deduce their own perfect movement. Zhao Zhongxian, who firmly believes in doing things in peace and perseverance, won the highest national science and Technology Award; he Xinglong, who keeps in mind the entrustment of his parents and villagers, always does the most proud things in the world with the lowest attitude, making the song of great love resound in the Loess Plateau.

Song Shusheng, Zhu Renbin, Zhu Renbin, Wang Shufang, Yin Chunrong, a hero with long love, and hellip & hellip, a national testing team, who only step by step in rivers and mountains; They worked selflessly and gave silently, just like a wave in the sea, like a star in the galaxy, integrating youth into the rivers of the motherland, integrating brilliance into the constellation of the motherland, and composing a hymn of the times that the Communist Party members never forget their original intention, remember their mission and take on their dedication. The new era is an era of great achievements and models. Every Party member should learn from the power of example, and compose his own era anthem with infinite loyalty to the party and the people, practical responsibility for work and perseverance of faith.

As a member of the Communist Party and Secretary of the Party branch of the school, I feel more profound and heavy burden on myself. Next, I must further study and carry out Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics and the nineteen spirits of the party. We must learn from examples, stick to our teaching posts, do well in other party members and cadres, do a good example of young teachers, and play a vanguard and exemplary role of Party members. Lead all Party members, cadres and teaching staff back to the north school district, take the role model as the benchmark, strive to improve understanding, promote self-development, and keep the political nature of the Communist Party members forever; in daily work, we should strictly require ourselves, based on the post, not forget our original intention, consciously learn from excellent party members, adhere to the role model as the mirror, add luster to the party flag, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party members.

Model 3 learning experience 1000 words

Every oath can see your original heart, and every palm print has a moving story. The great era calls for great spirit, and the lofty cause needs the guidance of an example. Recently, the special program "model 3" launched by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and CCTV has aroused strong repercussions in the whole Party and the whole society.

The power of example is great. From the moment of the birth of the Communist Party of China, the heroic Communists, under the guidance of faith, have become the moral responsibility of saving the nation in danger with iron shoulders, building the great wall of resistance against the invasion of foreign powers with flesh and blood, and the heroic spirit of indomitable, indomitable will and treating death as death, daring to sacrifice, fighting bravely, and the stronger Vietnam War in the darkest humiliation of the Chinese nation The example of exploring a bright future awakens the sleeping Chinese, unites the scattered Chinese miraculously, arouses the unprecedented fighting spirit, and lights the lamp of hope for national liberation and national independence for the Chinese people who are in a deep disaster.

Adhering to the father's will and taking root in the frontier. Li Yuanmin's hometown was Muping County, Shandong Province. At that time, his father, in response to the call of the party and the motherland, brought his children to gaimai village, Yining County, Xinjiang, basically from the easternmost to the westernmost of the motherland. Yuan Ying, a famous writer, used objects to describe people in the white poplar. He said that the father saw from the window in meditation that several small trees were growing up against the wind and sand beside a tall white poplar tree. Yes, Li Yuanmin, who supported the frontier with his father at that time, was a small tree growing up against the wind and sand. She practices the noble feelings of "sacrifice youth for life, sacrifice offspring for life" for her father. She firmly rooted her roots in the poor village of gaimai. From learning to farm and sew, to learning to manage and learn to be a 'home', she has finally grown into a tree to protect the masses from the wind and rain and seek happiness.

A good example is the best guide; a good example is the best persuasion. "In the new era and new journey, there has never been a lack of 'role models'. As Wang Shufang, he Xinglong and other advanced models emerged after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, they fully demonstrated the perseverance of the Communists in the new era in "keeping in mind their original heart and mission", and fully demonstrated the spirit of the Communists in the new era in "firm faith, heart to the masses, courage to take responsibility, innovation and dedication". They are loyal, clean and responsible to interpret the responsibilities and responsibilities of the Communists in the new era. In the face of these new era 'models', we should all bow to them with great respect, and then solemnly say to ourselves in our hearts: like them, I also want to be a communist of the new era who has a firm faith, a strong heart for the masses, a courage to take responsibility, innovation and dedication.

Model 3 impressions

Every excellent Communist Party member and party affairs worker is a shining beacon, which vividly explains the ideals and beliefs of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of practical responsibility and dedication. 'every oath can see your original heart, and every palm print has a moving story. The great era calls for great spirit, and the lofty cause needs the guidance of an example. '

The model is close to us, and the model is around us. Everyone has an example in their hearts. We always see their deeds in the media. We always feel that the example is in everyone's eyes and in everyone's mouth, but we don't find that the example is actually around us, very close to us. If you pay attention to us, it's not hard to find that there are examples worth learning everywhere around us. We don't lack those touching deeds, such as helping others, acting bravely, being honest and trustworthy, being devoted to work and passing on love, which annotate the spirit and strength of models from different sides and perspectives.

Ordinary and extraordinary, but we are moved by the subtlety. "Role models" are actually ordinary individuals, but ordinary people have extraordinary power. In fact, what stirs our hearts is not the earth shaking plot, nor the experience of twists and turns, but the excellent quality of their dedication, diligence, entrepreneurship, hard work and dedication, and the spirit and will to forge ahead in the process of honing and innovation in the process of exploration. We should be good at learning the valuable enterprising spirit of these advanced models and make extraordinary contributions in ordinary work.

What is the appearance of an excellent communist? What is the appearance of public servants serving the people? Xi Jinping has put forward five standards for outstanding communist party members and good cadres, such as firm Marx doctrine, "strict" and "real", and loyalty to the party. On the occasion of commemorating the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee commended the outstanding communist party members, outstanding party workers and advanced grassroots party organizations.

'the power of role models is not broken, they are in the same line. The power of role models has inspired more party members to rise up. 'after watching the program, I feel deeply.

"We should take these role models as our work models, devote ourselves to the work with more enthusiasm, more energy and more perseverance, let the spirit of role models bring us back to the beginning, take us further, and create more value in the post with this original intention. '