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Why is Tianhe project questioned? What happened to Tianhe project

Relevant parties of Tianhe project have the obligation to explain to the public and other scientists and fully disclose relevant arguments and data. What is the matter with Tianhe project being questioned? Why is Tianhe project questioned? What happened to Tianhe project? Netizens have a series of questions. Let's have a look.

Meteorologists approved the Tianhe project in real name, and the public discussion caused by it is still in continuous development. A few days ago, the surging journalists contacted Tsinghua University, Qinghai University and the science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province, the parties of Tianhe project, and all three units were silent.

According to the State Key Laboratory of water and sediment science and water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering of Tsinghua University, the laboratory should not respond to the scientific debate. Qinghai University is the unit responsible for the project and needs to contact Qinghai University, according to the science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province. The science and Technology Department of Qinghai University said that the Department is "irrelevant personnel, unaware" and needs to contact Sanjiangyuan National Key Laboratory.

Previously, Tianhe project was a "hot cake". Relevant scientific research units went out to fight for the project, and the government departments also made high-profile publicity and spent money to support it. However, after being questioned by the public opinion, the attitude of the parties took a 180 degree turn, and everyone was afraid to avoid it.

Looking at the performance of several parties, it is regrettable. Scientific research is not a trade secret. Any scientific research that concerns the public interest should disclose the relevant process to the public and be tested by the society. It is obviously contrary to the spirit of science that we dare not face up to and respond to queries.

The Tianhe project has two particularities, which need the parties to explain to the society.

First of all, Tianhe project invests all the hard-earned money of taxpayers. Every year, Qinghai Province provides a special fund of no less than 6 million yuan. As for the expenditure on the research and launching of star arrows, as well as a large number of rain increasing rockets, there is no bottom line. Whether the money is spent properly and whether the input and output match clearly needs to be explained in detail to the public.

Second, it's worrying about the consequences of using artificial methods to interfere with the environment. Before that, artificial precipitation was mainly local and accidental, with little impact on the environment. However, Tianhe project takes a large-scale and high-frequency interference on the atmospheric environment. If the possible environmental impact is not fully assessed, will it lead to sequelae? To dispel the concern of the outside world, we should use facts and data to speak.

The spirit of scientific exploration and exploration represented by Tianhe project is of course valuable. But good intentions do not necessarily lead to the desired results. The premise of transforming nature and benefiting mankind is to face up to scientific common sense and natural laws, to listen to different opinions and to respect professional voices. Otherwise, the "man will win the sky" is to take the ecological environment and the whole society at risk.

According to the data, China's overall investment in scientific research is equivalent to that of the United States, but the output of scientific research is not satisfactory. Therefore, the waste of scientific research is an unavoidable factor, and the biggest waste is decision-making waste. Without careful decision-making, we should invest precious scientific research funds in areas that should not have been invested, so that some interest groups can easily obtain national scientific research funds under the guise of innovation.

The best way to break the "black box of scientific research" is to be transparent. Let the decision-making process be sunny, and let every scientific research fund be spent clearly. Therefore, under the surging public opinion, the relevant parties of the Tianhe project can no longer remain silent, have the obligation to explain to the public and other scientists, and fully disclose relevant argumentation and data. If they have full confidence in the project, how can they be afraid to face the doubts of the outside world?