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How can I get a ticket for mobile phone 12306? 12306 can I change the ticket if there is no ticket

After booking the train ticket on 12306 official website with mobile phone, how can I change it into paper ticket at the railway station? Many passengers are puzzled about this. Here, I'd like to introduce how to change paper ticket after booking the train ticket on 12306 official website with mobile phone.

Mobile 12306 how to get tickets

2306 how to get the ticket after buying it? You can go to the railway station to get the ticket. The railway department supports the nationwide access of the ticket. That is to say, after the online booking is successful, you can take the valid ID card used when booking to any station in the country to get tickets.

You can also pick up your ticket at the train ticket agency. There is a 5 yuan service charge for picking up your ticket at the agency.

If you use a valid second-generation ID card when you buy a ticket in 12306, you can go directly to the automatic ticket machine at the station to collect the ticket.

12306 after buying the ticket, you can also take the train without taking the ticket. The condition is that the station has the ticket checking condition of the second generation ID card when taking or getting off the station. You can use the second generation ID card to get in and out of the station directly without exchanging paper tickets. Of course, it is also the train ticket that you use the second generation ID card to book online.

12306 can I refund or change my ticket if I don't get one

After purchasing tickets on 12306 official website, if you haven't exchanged for paper tickets, you can return or change them, but there is a time limit.

If there is no ticket to be returned or re signed, it must be completed two hours before the train starts. If it is less than two hours, it can only go to the station window to go through the formalities of returning or re signing.