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Seventy man died after digging his ancestral grave several times! What is the specific process

From January to March 2018, within three months, the tomb of Xu Yiming's parents in Dalizhuang village, Xiantai County, Henan Province was twice excavated by Ma Liucheng, a 73 year old man from the same village. The 70 year old man died after digging his ancestral tomb several times! What is the specific process?

Ye County police said Xu Yiming confessed that on the night of March 28 this year, after drinking, he went to the grave to inspect and saw Ma Liucheng digging the grave with a spade. Xu stopped, and the horse picked up a stick and swung it. He grabbed the stick and hit the horse on all fours. After beating people, he went to his third brother Xu Zhongming's house to report the news of digging graves. After the Xu family carried Ma Liucheng back to the village, the village secretary found that Ma Liucheng had died.

Police in charge of the case said Ma Liucheng was not injured in the head, his limbs were bruised and his department lost too much blood and died. Only the DNA left by Ma was detected on the wooden stick, but Xu Yiming's DNA was not detected, so there was no critical evidence.

The police said that after Xu Yiming called the police and waited for the police to come to deal with it, it was a voluntary surrender, while Ma Liucheng was a male. His digging of Xu Yiming's parents' grave was also suspected of provoking trouble or insulting the body. At present, Xu Yiming is suspected of intentional injury and is detained. The case has been transferred from Pingdingshan procuratorate to Pingdingshan intermediate people's court.

The tombstone of the parents was broken. The eldest son stayed at home to guard the tomb

Xu Zhongming said that his parents' grave was in the wheat field in the west of the village. The tombstone reads: the tomb of Xu Gongshou Wen and de Pei Jia Taijun. Jia Taijun refers to Jia Feng, his mother, who died in 2011 at the age of 75. In 2012, Xu Shouwen, his father, also died at the age of 83. The family chose an underground burial for them.

Xu Zhongming recalled that his father, Xu Shouwen, was a village cadre when he was young. At the age of 70, he was hired back as the village director. He was a very prestigious person in the village. When their husband and wife died, the funeral vehicles stopped all over the street. Several old people in the village also said that Xu Shouwen had a good walk.

In September 2017, Xu's family found that the tombstone of their parents' tomb had been smashed. 'it was found by brother Xu Yiming that the & lsquo; stele Cap & rsquo; fell on the ground. The Dragon Phoenix stone carving was broken, and one of the upper right corner of the tombstone was missing. The missing corner could not be found. 'the Xu brothers think that they didn't guard the tomb well and kowtow to their parents to make amends. 'we have no enmity or enmity with others. Who is going to dig the grave? '

After the incident, Xu Yiming, the eldest brother, stopped working outside and stayed in the village to look at the gate of a sewage treatment plant. The window of the rest room is facing the ancestral tomb, less than 500 meters away, and he can see Ma Liucheng's house.

Xu Yiming's son, Xu Danyang, told the Beijing news that his father, Xu Yiming, would visit the graveyard every night before he went to bed. 'my father takes binoculars every day, looks at the graveyard from here (the rest room), and keeps running to the graveyard. '

The grave was dug twice. A man was sleeping on the coffin

I didn't expect that a few months later, at 3 p.m. on January 19, 2018, the Xu family's parents' graves were dug again, which made the Xu family very angry.

'when a fellow villager passed by, he told me that my father's and mother's grave had been dug. Did someone steal it. 'Xu Yiming's wife, Li Xiuzhi, said that she was working in the yard at that time. When she heard the news, she immediately summoned her family to the field.

'the right side of the grave was dug, the red cloth on my mother's coffin was exposed, the rake was slanted on the coffin cover, and Ma Liucheng was sleeping on the side of the rake. When Xu's family saw it, they immediately took photos for preservation, and then called Li Guoshan, the village branch.

The reporter of the Beijing News saw in the photo provided by Xu's family that a ravine had been dug in the middle of a mound of earth. An old man in dark clothes was lying in the middle, with a three tooth rake under his head. Red cloth could be seen under his body, and there were shovels, flashlights, pickaxes and other digging tools on the side.

Li Guoshan, the village branch of Dalizhuang village, said that he also went to the scene at that time and saw Ma Liucheng lying in the middle of the tomb. "The upper layer of the coffin was basically exposed, and he saw the cloth on it and Ma Liucheng's ear back. It was difficult to communicate with him, so I called his guardian. '

Ma Genxiang, Ma Liucheng's nephew and his guardian, apologized when he arrived at the scene and signed a letter of guarantee in the presence of the leaders of the village committee the next day.

The reporter of the Beijing News saw that the letter of guarantee said: 'I am Ma Liucheng's nephew, and I have the obligation to take care of him. In the future, I will strictly manage him and never let him have similar things. 'signed on January 20, 2018.

After Ma Liucheng's death, the Dalizhuang village committee issued a situation statement to the local public security bureau, which also stated that in the autumn of 2017, Xu Yiming went to see crops in the field and found that the stone tablet of his parents had been damaged. On the afternoon of January 19, 2018, Xu Yiming's parents' tomb was excavated, and Ma Liucheng lay on the coffin board to sleep. Li Guoshan, the village branch secretary, came to the scene to criticize and educate Ma Liucheng. At that time, he also admitted his mistakes and protected them The next day, Ma Genxiang, Ma Liucheng's guardian, wrote a letter of guarantee.

At 3:00 p.m. on January 19, 2018, the grave of Xu's parents was excavated for the second time. Ma Liucheng was lying on his side on the rake, sleeping. There was a faint red cloth under him. Xu's family said that under him was Xu's coffin, and the red cloth was the red cover of the coffin.

Third grave digging and death after human conflict

What the Xu family didn't expect was that after two months, their parents' grave was dug again, and even there was a big hole in their mother's coffin. This time, Ma Liucheng lost his life.

According to Ye County police, Xu Yiming confessed that on the night of March 28, 2018, he drank with two friends in the sewage treatment plant and went to the grave for inspection as usual after drinking. At about 11 p.m., he came to his parents' grave and saw Ma Liucheng digging with a spade. Xu stopped, and the horse picked up a stick and swung it at him. He grabbed the stick and hit the horse on all fours. After beating people, he went to his third brother Xu Zhongming's house to report the news of digging graves.

Xu Zhongming said that when he and Li Xiuzhi went to the grave and found Ma Liucheng lying beside the tomb, they carried him back home. At that time, Xu Yiming was sitting at the door of Ma Liucheng's home. Before long, Li Guoshan, the village secretary, came and found that Ma Liucheng was out of breath.

Li Guoshan said that on the night of the incident, he heard that Xu's grave had been dug again. He called on Ma Liucheng's guardian and a group of four people to rush over and saw Ma Liucheng lying in his house. "When he looked back, he found that he was dead. "Later, Xu Yiming called the police and turned himself in at the police station.

On November 25, a police officer of Ye County Public Security Bureau told the Beijing news that the incident happened in the evening, with only two people present. Xu Yiming didn't run from reporting the crime to being taken to the police station. He surrendered himself. But after the police checked the sweat, blood and scurf on the stick, they found that there was no Xu Yiming's DNA on it, only the DNA of the victim (MA Liucheng), leading to the lack of critical evidence.

'it's not from Xu Yiming's belt. It's one of the tomb digging tools that Ma Liucheng brought with him. He hit Ma Liucheng's limbs, but didn't hit the key part. He lost too much blood and died. Afterwards, he called his relatives to pull the dead from the grave, forming a chain of evidence. 'the police in charge of the case said that Xu Yiming's statement was consistent with the common sense. Ma Liucheng is a male. He picked up Xu Yiming's parents' grave. He is also suspected of making trouble or insulting the body. At present, Xu Yiming is suspected of intentionally harming and detained, and the case has been transferred to the court by the procuratorate.

Zhao Xing, Xu Yiming's lawyer, confirmed that the investigation of the case in the public security organs was completed and that the Pingdingshan procuratorate had initiated a public prosecution to the Pingdingshan intermediate people's court.

The last time Ma Liucheng dug Xu's grave was found by Xu Yiming, the eldest son of Xu's family. There was a conflict between the two sides, and Ma Liucheng died. Xu Yiming has been detained for intentional injury. This is a fact sheet written by the village committee to the police.

The man who digs graves is Feng Shui. He digs his parents' graves himself

The reporter of Beijing News learned that Ma Liucheng was unmarried for life. He was a five guarantee family in the village. He lived in a house of less than 10 square meters, which was funded and built by the village. He was a little famous geomancer in the local area. Many villagers used to ask him for divination. A villager who once asked Ma Liucheng for divination said that Ma Liucheng often divined and read fengshui, as well as many books about it.

Jia Fuqing, who has frequent contacts with Ma Liucheng, said that he often went to see Ma Liucheng before, mainly for the purpose of reading his book "digging graves, disrespect to the elderly, disrespect to the family and not allowed by law".

Ma Liucheng's nephew, Ma gen, is quite suitable. Ma Liucheng has dug his own grave. 'he has mental illness, which was identified in the hospital before his death. He also dug his parents' grave. I promised not to dig Xu's grave, but I couldn't tie him with a belt. If he thinks about it, he will dig it. '

The police confirmed that after the incident, Ma Liucheng's family provided proof that Ma Liucheng had mental illness.

Ma said he hoped the court would hear the case according to law and ask Xu family to give some economic compensation. Xu's family said they were wronged. "When they dig graves, they still hurt their families. What's the reason for that? '

Zhao Xing, a lawyer, believes that Xu Yiming does not constitute the crime of intentional injury charged in the indictment, but belongs to self-defense and should not bear criminal responsibility according to law. At the opening of the court session, he will defend Xu Yiming's innocence.