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What's the reason for putt's cancellation? Why did trump change his mind?

On November 30, foreign media reported that on November 29, US President trump announced the cancellation of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit. What's the reason for putt's cancellation? Why did trump change his mind?

Information chart: on July 16 local time, US President trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki, Finland.

According to reports, Peskov said: 'we regret the decision of the United States government to cancel the planned meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States in Buenos Aires. This means that discussions on international and bilateral agenda issues have been postponed indefinitely. He added: 'as for Russian President Vladimir Putin, he intends to engage with the president of the United States. '

State Department spokesman Robert middot Palladino said at a press conference that the United States has sent a clear signal to Russia that the Kerch Strait incident is unacceptable.

Paladino said: 'it's clear that [what Washington called on Moscow to do] is a strong signal from the Ukrainian crew and ships returning to & hellip; & hellip; (by canceling the & lsquo; special Council & rsquo;). "Asked how the signal was sent, Palladino replied: 'through isolation. '

Earlier, US President trump wrote on the social networking site twitter that after reading the report on the Kerch Strait incident, he decided to cancel his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Argentina. Before the launch, trump told reporters that it was likely to have a meeting with Putin. In addition, he stressed that it was a very good time to have a meeting.

On November 25, Russia and Ukraine had a maritime dispute in the Kerch Strait of the Black Sea. Three Ukrainian navy vessels were detained by Russia. Both sides have different opinions on the 'truth' of the incident.