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How to often do to computer eye ache? How to protect your eyes when facing the computer

Now with the progress of society and the rapid development of science and technology, we have already entered the Internet era. Now more and more friends are engaged in computer work. Many friends reflect that, including Xiaobian, they often work in front of the computer. The friends who often work in front of the computer must have such a feeling. They always feel pain in their eyes, How to often do to computer eye ache? How to protect your eyes towards the computer? Let's popularize relevant knowledge together with the editor.

how to often face computer eye ache to do? The oldest way to massage eyes This method is the simplest and natural one. When your eyes are tired, you can massage around them properly. It's a simple and effective way. You can lean back on the chair, close your eyes, rub your hands for a few seconds, then cover your hands on your eyes, and then massage properly. If your eyes are facing the computer for a long time, you will get out Now the situation of eye fatigue, this method is often used, or a very good way! The most popular method -- combination of work and rest is generally very human-oriented in many enterprises. It is recommended that everyone can get up and move around properly in normal work, so that the combination of work and rest can avoid a long-term action, which is not only bad for the eyes, but also a kind of injury to the spine! Therefore, the friends who usually work in computer field can combine work and rest properly every day.

the most direct way is to dim the brightness of the computer. Usually, Xiaobian has eyes ache when she has been facing the computer for a long time. At this time, I will directly adjust the brightness of the computer to a softer brightness to protect the eyes. In addition, I need to set the background of windows and Internet Explorer pages to green. In this way, it's not so dazzling anymore. It's a good way to protect our eyes.