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Which people are not suitable for foot soaking in winter? These nine kinds of people must not get in

It's getting cold, cold starts from the bottom of the foot, and there are many acupoints on the foot. More and more people like to soak their feet in hot water for health preservation. Feet soaking is good for the body, but not everyone is suitable for feet soaking. So who is not suitable for feet soaking?

There are many advantages of foot soaking: promoting blood circulation, promoting blood circulation, assisting in the treatment of diseases, improving sleep, etc.

However, there are both positive and negative aspects to everything, so is foot soaking regimen. Not everyone is suitable for foot soaking. The following 9 types of people should pay attention to.

1、 Diabetic patients are forbidden to soak their feet if they have diabetic foot; diabetic patients without diabetic foot, because peripheral nerves can not normally sense the external temperature, even if the water temperature is very high, they can not feel it, and they are easy to be scalded, resulting in very serious consequences. Therefore, the water temperature of the feet is below 40-deg; and the time is within 10 minutes.

2、 Patients with renal failure accompanied by heart failure should not soak their feet. The stimulation of the foot reflex area may cause strong reactions, making the condition complex. Therefore, it is not recommended to soak feet, just wash feet with hot water.

3、 Patients with severe lower extremity edema and oliguria are not allowed to soak their feet.

4、 Kidney disease patients with various serious bleeding diseases, such as hematemesis, hematochezia, intracerebral hemorrhage, gastric hemorrhage, uterine bleeding, etc., are not allowed to soak feet.

5、 It is forbidden to soak feet in nephrotic patients with trauma, blister, infection, ulcer and varicose vein.

6、 Cardiovascular patients should not soak their feet. When the water temperature is high, it is easy to dilate the capillaries and accelerate the blood circulation, which will increase the burden on the heart and may aggravate the condition. Therefore, it is not recommended for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients to soak feet in hot water for a long time.

7、 Low blood pressure and other weak people. When people with low blood pressure and weak constitution sweat by soaking their feet in hot water, they are prone to dizziness. If they soak their feet for too long, their blood pressure will be lower, or even fainting.

8、 Patients with heart disease. People with bad heart have poor blood supply ability. If they often soak their feet, the blood vessels at the foot will expand, the blood flow will increase, and the blood will flow more to the lower limbs, so that the blood carried upward will be reduced, and the blood supply to the brain will be insufficient, so that the patients with heart disease may have dizziness.

9、 A developing child. The water temperature of children in the development period should not be too high. If they often soak in hot water, the plantar ligament will be deformed and relaxed due to the heat, which is not conducive to the development of the arch of the foot, and it is easy to induce flatfoot for a long time.

Finally, remind nephrotic patients to pay attention to: foot water should not be too hot, 40 ℃ is appropriate. The foot soaking time should not be too long, 15-30 minutes is suitable. At the same time, the most suitable time to soak feet is 7-9 o'clock every night, which is the time when Qi and blood of the kidney channel are most weakened. At this time, soaking feet and massage can improve the blood circulation of the whole body, so as to nourish the kidney and liver. Wooden basin is the best container for feet.