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Tiktok, yo yo, who's the piano girl? Voice account ID tiktok personal data

Tiktok is now too hot, especially her "good Yo Yo" tiktok has broken through the sky, and now it has been made into a piano version. So, who is the girl who is shaking well? Let's look at the voice account ID tiktok personal data.

Hi yo, piano version, girl's personal introduction

Of course, the young lady in the video only sang one sentence at the beginning, but many people think it's very tasteful and familiar. The original tune of this piano is called "trouble is a friend"!

Hi yo piano version of little sister's profile:

Tiktok ID: Flying Elephant

Tiktok: lxm522

24 year old, Panjin, Liaoning (tiktok home page)

Let's see what netizens think of it

A good leather voice

Which DJ is there to see me

Please help me to restart my brain. Now when I go to get it in my brain, it's very high. Look back! Dig!

This is a master.

Let's borrow the first floor

How did you sing

Is this the devil?

This beautiful voice

Falsetto soprano

This singer has no soul

Why does it sound like a hot girl

Little sister, I think you can wear a mask when you sing. It's better

DJ's broken by you

Very fascinated

Oh, dear!

The above is a good hi yo piano version of the video girls personal introduction to the whole content.