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Can Jingdong use flowers? What payments does Huabei support?

There are many users using Huabei now. Can JD support Huabei? What payments does Huabei support? Let's popularize it.

How to use flowers in Jingdong?

Jingdong shopping, that is, shopping on the platform of Jingdong Mall. When it comes to shopping platforms, we think of tmall Taobao. In fact, Jingdong and tmall Taobao are competitive. The services launched by the platform are also competitive. So what kind of service does the flower platform belong to? What is Alipay's product?

What payments does Huabei support?

From the camp, Tmall, Taobao, Alipay and Hua Bai belong to Alibaba. Therefore, tmall and Taobao support Huabei payment. However, the relationship between JD and Alibaba is not antagonistic, but also competitive, so JD does not support Huabei payment. In other words, consumers cannot use Huabei payment in Jingdong.

Of course, although the shopping in Jingdong Mall does not support ant flower payment, there are also services like flower payment, that is, Jingdong Baitiao. If you open the Jingdong Baitiao, and there is a quota in it, you can use the Jingdong Baitiao to pay in Jingdong. No interest will be charged for repayment within the interest free period.

In addition, if you want to use Huabei for payment, you can buy things in tmall's Taobao, hungry and supermarkets, all of which support Huabei. It is said that Meiyijia now supports Huabei for payment. However, we use flowers, and we must repay them on time!