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Personal social security information query website! Personal social insurance inquiry system

Now more and more people are buying social security. Buying social security is a relatively large investment for themselves, and it is also conducive to their future life. To buy social security, you need to pay money every month, and you can't cut off the payment in the middle. Then how to query the personal social security account? Let's see the personal social security query system.

Easy to check Social Security Online

There are two very simple ways to query social security personal accounts. It is easy to fix them by relying on Alipay and WeChat. All you need to do is download Alipay or WeChat, register your account in it, ensure that you have processed the social security card, and you can query the social security personal accounts according to the following procedures.

Alipay inquiries social security

Step one: first open the Alipay application. The second step: click more on Alipay's main application interface. Step 3: find urban services in convenience services and click enter. Step 4: find social security query in city service and enter social security query. Step 5: check that I have read and agreed to the authentication service agreement, then click Start authentication, enter face verification, put the face in the circular box, and blink. Step 6: click back after verification to enter the personal social security account.

Wechat social security query

First log in to personal wechat of mobile phone, enter the page and select "I" - "wallet" - "city service" - "social security query". There is no account for the first use, so you need to register an account before you can log in. Click 'free sign up'. The user registration information must be true and effective in order to find the matching information, so it is necessary to fill in it carefully.

After successful registration, return to the login page to log in. After entering the personal account, four main contents will be displayed for inquiry or use: insurance information, payment history, personal account and password modification.

The insured information has two parts, one is personal information, the other is social security payment information. You can see whether the company pays social security and social security base normally.

If you want to exit the current page, click 'home' in the lower right corner, and then select other Query options. If you click the X in the upper left corner, you will exit directly. Payment history is divided into five types of social insurance. You can click the year to query. The displayed items are settled by month, and individual payment and unit payment are displayed separately. As long as the payment is made, the information of any month can be found.

The personal account is divided into pension account and medical account, and the latest year is displayed first by default. There will be accumulated amount in the pension account to view. The advantage of wechat to view social security information is that it can be viewed at any time, and it is very convenient to monitor the payment of social security for enterprises.