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How to read the three words named by parents?

For many children, whether parents get their names at birth gives them great hope, but some parents often get their children's names very strange and difficult to understand, which causes great trouble to children!

Recently, a student in Hong Kong said on social media that his parents were superstitious and helped him choose the name "Xu" n B & igrave; ng D & Aacute; "when he was born, but no teachers or students could read it, causing him great trouble because he could write wrong. At present, he hopes to change his name.

A junior high school student in Hong Kong said in a Facebook Post Tuesday that he envied other students and that his name was easy to write and read, Taiwan's Dongsen news network reported. Because his parents are superstitious, when he was born, he asked the fortune teller to take the name of "zhe". He explained that his surname "zhe" itself is very special. Unexpectedly, the name is more complex. It is composed of three thunder "she", which means thunder sound, and three Dragon "she", representing the appearance of dragon flying. Its full name is Cantonese near sound "circle by step", which has the meaning of soaring.

Although his parents and fortune tellers were out of good intentions, they caused him a lot of trouble. Since primary school, students have made fun of his name and called him "Lei Lei Lei long long long long". After junior high school, although not like primary school will be ridiculed, but because students can not read his name, often call him 'ah' or 'hello'. Sometimes even the teacher is wrong, making him the laughingstock of the whole class.

In addition, sometimes he participates in school activities, and other students don't want to know him because of his name. The most painful thing for him is that it takes a lot of time and even mistakes to write a name in every exam. These three words add up to 103 strokes. The word "she" is the most commonly used word in the dictionary, with 48 strokes.