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The latest schedule of Spring Festival holiday in 2019 is announced! How to have the Spring Festival

now 2018 has entered the end stage, and November 2018 is almost over. Tomorrow is the last day of November. Netizens are very concerned about the holiday in 2019, as in previous years. On the eve of the new year, the notice time table of the next year's holiday will come first! This can be a mess for netizens. Let's take a look at the latest announcement of the 2019 Spring Festival holiday schedule! How will spring festival leave in 2019? It's time to plan the schedule for the Spring Festival in advance.

the latest schedule of Spring Festival holidays in 2019 is announced! The Spring Festival in 2019 is on February 5. In general, the general holidays in previous years are three days off, and many festivals are held together across the weekend during the holidays, while the Spring Festival holidays are quite happy for children, because for children, the Spring Festival holidays are really long, so they can relax and play well. But for office workers, it's not so good. According to the holiday regulations, the legal holiday schedule of the Spring Festival is from New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the first day, with 7 days off. On February 2 and 3, 2019, they need to go to work normally! However, during the seven-day holiday of the Spring Festival, you can still have a good time, and now there are many friends from other places all year round. The Spring Festival is the time for everyone to get together. Of course, you should get together and relax!

the above is the holiday schedule of 2019 Spring Festival compiled by Xiaobian. I hope it can help you. After the Spring Festival, it's Valentine's day. Make a good and reasonable arrangement of your own time, or discuss in advance to plan a "go" trip, so as to enhance mutual relations.