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What will happen if the online loan is overdue? Demonstration of the right way to overdue online loa

now more and more people like online lending. Sometimes they like to improve their quality of life by lending when their money is not available. But what should we do if the online lending is overdue? So, when lending, we must think twice before we go. Don't be lucky. What will happen if the online loan is overdue?

1. If the platform fails to contact with the borrower or still fails to pay after contacting the borrower, the platform will follow the collection procedure. Normal collection means include SMS, telephone and door-to-door. There are not a few exaggerated means, such as threats, intimidation, etc.

2. Some collectors of small loan companies involving relatives and friends will harass the relatives and friends around the borrower and indirectly impose repayment pressure on the repayment person when the collection fails. This kind of collection behavior on the edge of the law is naturally not encouraged, but for our borrowers, if we standardize their own repayment habits, it could have been avoided.

3. If the borrower fails to pay the overdue penalty interest, liquidated damages and overdue fine, the lender will notify the borrower at the first time, increase the loan interest rate by 50% to calculate the penalty interest, and collect the relevant penalty and overdue fine together. The longer overdue, the more default interest, or early repayment.

4. For the institutions that have been connected to the credit system of the people's Bank of China, the overdue records will be reported to the credit system. For institutions not connected to the credit system, they will cooperate with Zhima credit and other credit companies to share blacklist and overdue information. Once the borrower borrows again, the platform risk control can adjust the overdue information and consider not granting loans.

5. The court shall sue and seal up the mortgaged property. If the overdue circumstances are serious (for example, overdue for more than three months), the lender can collect the loan according to law. If it still fails to repay, it can sue to the court. At that time, the court will freeze all the bank account assets of the lender and its guarantor, and seal up the mortgaged property.

So what should we do when our online loan is overdue?

1. First of all, we need to actively negotiate and tell the collectors of the online loan company that they will pay back the money, give an approximate time, and explain their source of repayment. Most online loan companies are not unreasonable. In addition, I would like to remind you that the annual interest rate of more than 36% is not protected by the state, and we should also pay attention to protecting our own rights and interests for the part that exceeds it.

2. Find friends and relatives to borrow money, go to work at ease, and find ways to make money. Never think of "broken pot".

3. The illegal collection means can be complained to the Internet financial department or the local banking regulatory bureau or the industrial and commercial bureau.

4. In case of violent collection, do not fight and call the police in time;

5. At the core, we should never borrow money to support loans and borrow money from east wall to replace west wall. Only in this way can we avoid overdue payments from the source and become a "Laolai".