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Jiang Jinfu's Japanese arrest picture announced how to sentence Japanese domestic violence?

The incident of Jiang Jinfu's domestic violence has become a criminal case! Today, Japanese radio broadcast a live picture of Jiang Jinfu's surrender and arrest. Once the photo was exposed, it caused hot discussion among netizens. Will domestic violence be sentenced in Japan? How many years will domestic violence be sentenced in Japan?

It's confirmed that Japanese TV stations have also broadcast it! Jiang Jinfu has been arrested in Japan, and the live photos have been exposed. It was reported that Jiang Jinfu had been arrested at noon today, and then the studio issued a notice saying 'Jiang Jinfu has taken the initiative to contact the Japanese police. In addition, Jiang Jinfu admitted to the Japanese police that he was suspected of committing domestic violence, which also became a case of domestic violence.

It is reported that Jiang Jinfu has had an ex girlfriend of "domestic violence" more than once, and he may be arrested twice. Once the sentence is meted out, Jiang may face four or five years in prison, according to the Internet. At present, four Japanese TV stations will follow up and report that Mrs. Jiang Jin really made her mark in Japan by fighting women. However, how the case will be judged, netizens said not count, the case is still in further investigation.