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How much can wechat credit card lend in a month? How much is the monthly limit of wechat credit card

Now, wechat is widely used. When wechat is used for payment, no matter the deposit card or credit card is limited, how much can wechat credit card loan in a month? How much is the monthly limit of wechat credit card payment? Come and have a look.

How much can wechat credit card lend in a month?

This is the same amount that you usually approve when you apply for a credit card. It is also related to your personal income and credit rating. Generally, the lowest starting point is 5000 yuan.

To apply for a credit card here means that there is a platform available for you to apply. It is not responsible for the credit card quota approval. The credit card quota approval is mainly approved by the bank you applied for. For example, you apply for the credit card of China Merchants Bank, with the amount of 10000 yuan per month. After this information is submitted, it is approved by the credit card system of China Merchants Bank according to the comprehensive embodiment of individuals. It is possible to approve a quota of 6000 yuan or more than 10000 yuan, which has nothing to do with wechat platform.

How much is the monthly limit of credit card wechat payment?

1. Unlimited bank per month

China Merchants Bank, agricultural bank, industrial bank, Guangfa bank, Everbright Bank, Ping An Bank, China CITIC Bank, Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, Pudong Development Bank, contractor bank, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Hangzhou, Bank of Guangzhou, Guangdong Nanyue bank, Bank of Jiangsu, Erdos bank, Dongguan bank, Shanghai Agricultural commercial bank, Huaxia Bank, Hubei agricultural credit, Zhejiang Commercial Bank, Dongshang bank Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank, Huanghe rural commercial bank, Chouzhou bank, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, Hainan rural credit, Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank, Bank of Beijing, Zhejiang rural credit, Fujian strait bank, Yinzhou bank, Bank of Zhengzhou, Bank of communications, Weifang bank, Weihai commercial bank, Tianjin Binhai rural commercial bank, Shenzhen rural commercial bank and Chang'an bank;

Bank of Jiangxi, Dandong, Tai'an, Cangzhou, Dongying, Mintai, Dalian, Nanjing, Anhui Rural Credit Union, Quanzhou, Wenzhou, Hengfeng, Linshang, Lanzhou, Zhangjiagang galaxy, Beibu Gulf, Suzhou, Inner Mongolia, Jincheng, Fudian, East Asia, Wu Jiangnong commercial bank, Jiangnan agricultural commercial bank, Yunnan agricultural credit, Jinzhong bank, Qilu bank, Jiangyin agricultural commercial bank, Shanxi commercial bank, Tianjin Agricultural commercial bank, Guilin bank, Fujian agricultural credit cooperatives, Ganzhou bank, Jinhua bank, Chaoyang bank, Hankou bank, Chongqing bank, Shunde agricultural commercial bank, China Resources Bank, Tianjin bank, Jilin bank.

2. Banks with a monthly limit of 20000 yuan: Zhejiang Tailong bank, Changshu Agricultural commercial bank

3. Banks with a monthly limit of 50000 yuan:

Postal savings bank, Guangzhou rural commercial bank, Guiyang bank, Ningxia bank, Taizhou bank, Jiangsu rural credit, Fuxin bank, Xingtai bank, Guangxi rural credit agency.

4. Banks with a monthly limit of 100000 yuan:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Xi'an, Wuxi agricultural commercial bank

5. Banks with a monthly limit of 200000 yuan:

Yunnan Hongta bank, Huarong Xiangjiang bank, Bank of Qingdao, Bank of Hubei and Bank of Jinzhou;

6. Bank with a monthly limit of 300000 yuan: Standard Chartered Bank

7. Bank with a monthly limit of 500000 yuan: Chongqing Agricultural commercial bank

8. The bank with a monthly limit of 600000 yuan: Huishang bank.