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What is Zhang Ruonan's ending in the river of sadness? Profile of Zhang Ruonan

Zhang Ruonan, the New Goddess in the movie "sadness against the current into the river", is really hot recently. Her eyes are crooked when she smiles, and her standard 'star eyes' are very moving when she looks at it. And her little sister is also called a big clear stream in the world of Online red. Here's Zhang Ruonan's profile.

And many netizens are also on fire because of her recent movie "sadness against the current into the river". In the play, Gu senxiang, who she plays, has seen the audience say that Zhang Ruonan is the prototype of Gu senxiang. She just plays in her own color, and her little sister gives people the feeling of sweet fairy Ben Xian. The movie is also her first work in the performing arts circle, which can have a corner that fits her like this Color is very lucky, and I'm glad to know Zhang Ruonan in such a wonderful role.

In the movie, Gu senxiang is a beautiful representative and a tragic victim. She has a perfect family, a father and mother who love her, a brother who protects her everywhere, and a Qi Ming who loves her. It's just because of this kind of beauty that she forms a sharp contrast with her final tragic ending. When Gu senxi puts her favorite girl's mobile phone number into her heart happily Sister's mobile phone, not quite but planted a time bomb, so that others have a chance to ride, and finally killed Gu senxiang.

Zhang Ruonan said that she was filming Gu senxiang's falling off the stairs. Every time she jumped off the stage, she felt Gu senxiang's sadness and despair with her heart. For her first time, she was very dedicated. The five leading actors were all new-born actors, but they all played a very stable and discerning face, especially Zhang Ruonan, who was sweet and sweet His appearance and smile are deeply rooted in people's hearts.

Zhang Ruonan released his own video in the jitter. It was very cute. Watching the little sister's smile, she felt the weather was getting better. She used to be a graphic model. She had a very good sense of tiktok. She took some photo shoots before she tried, and tried various styles. There was a group of her parting in the camel, big waves curly hair, and a great sense of smile and sense of smile of the actress in 90s. Sweet, gentle and generous and the previous lovely shape is another feeling, plasticity is also very strong, looking forward to the little sister after the fire, more support it.