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What food is good to eat while sitting on the moon? Diet precautions during confinement

A lot of people know that women are in the stage of toning during their confinement. After all, women will lose their vitality during childbirth, so they need to supplement after childbirth. However, we should pay attention to the correct diet method for progress, because the baby will be fed soon after childbirth, so the food eaten by the mother will directly affect the baby's milk problem. So What kind of food should I eat during my confinement? Let's take a look at the diet precautions during the confinement period with Xiaobian.

what kind of food is good to eat during confinement? Many people are pregnant women who can't eat salty food in the period of confinement. Because, when the pregnant women eat a large amount of salt every day, it is easy to increase the burden on the kidney, which will lead to the rise of blood pressure, which is not conducive to the recovery of the pregnant women. However, salt contains the sodium element needed by the human body. It's good for the body to supplement some sodium element every day, and too little salt will affect the absorption of sodium element , so that is to say, mothers can eat salt during the period of the first month, just a moderate amount, not too much. In addition, the maternal diet during the month should be as light as possible, not greasy, which is not conducive to wound swelling and healing, but also to the birth of milk.

food precautions during confinement: in case of blood stasis and internal resistance after childbirth, pregnant women should not eat sour and astringent food, such as black plum, pumpkin, persimmon, etc. eating these food is not conducive to postpartum repair, easy to block blood flow, and harmful to the discharge of lochia. Secondly, as for spicy food, needless to say, spicy food is easy to cause wound inflammation, so avoiding spicy food after childbirth is conducive to wound healing and avoid secondary infection of wound. Finally, we should remind you that we should avoid cold drinks, not just cold drinks. All cold food is inedible. Raw and cold food is not conducive to the recovery of Qi and blood and the removal of congestion.