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What's the matter with refusing to apply for a credit card? What are the conditions to apply for a c

Many people have taken the "closed door" of the bank when applying for credit card, and their application has been refused. It's not a good experience to be refused to apply for a credit card. It's possible to go to other banks to apply for a credit card. What are the reasons for the refusal?

1. Personal credit problems

If it involves loan, credit card and other related matters, it will certainly be related to personal credit investigation. If personal credit is not good, even the applicants who have been overdue for many times or have been on the bank blacklist are generally unable to apply for the bank credit card.

2. No stable work

In order to ensure that the cardholder has sufficient repayment ability and stable reputation, the bank generally requires the cardholder to have a fixed job. Some freelancers and individual merchants are easy to 'suffer losses' on this point. In addition, some special occupations are easy to be "difficult" by banks because they are not stable, such as insurance salesman, real estate salesman, barber, waiter, etc. In addition, it is better to work in the existing work unit for more than half a year. If the job is just changed, the application for credit card is also easy to be rejected.

3. Too many credit cards

If there are too many credit cards, the bank will consider your repayment ability in the future, so it is possible to refuse to give you the card.

4. Risk groups

Some people are risk groups defined by the bank, such as those who falsify other people's information to apply for loans, those who are found abnormal in the process of information verification, and those who do not exist in the applicant, etc. during the application process, the bank will reject the applicant's credit card application.

5. Short time application for over secret

Application for credit card is always failed. The possible reason is that after you apply for credit card for the first time, if you don't find out the reason for rejection, you will apply for credit card repeatedly in a short period of time, which will only lead you into a vicious circle of rejection of credit card.