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How is the credit card reduced? An analysis of the reasons for the decrease of credit card

For the young people, they have almost entered the era of early consumption, so a person often has many credit cards. If your credit card has been used for a period of time, what's the reason?

It may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Those who hand in information through intermediary will be blocked as long as they are suspected of fraud.

2. At the same time, the bank repeatedly swipes the card at the same POS machine for several months in a row, and swipes the card at the POS machine as soon as the payment is paid off, which is easily recognized as the credit card TX by the bank, of course, it is also the type of blocked card.

3. If the same card swipes all the quota on the same POS machine on a fixed date every month, it will seriously occupy bank funds.

4. There are transactions beyond normal business hours, such as after work transactions of merchants in the wholesale market.

5, in a short period of time, too many to pay by Alipay, such as the highest number of CITIC single, 1000 times, 998995899999 times and so on similar figures.

6. Credit card is in a long-term void state, for example, the whole number of repayment days goes in for a short period of time, and the whole number comes out. In other times, there are no credit card swiping records and less than two transactions. In a few months, such operation of the background system can detect. It is also possible to detect the frequent swiping of your own credit card with your own POS machine.

7. A single transaction in whole numbers, such as 1000000502000409999, is suspected of cash out. The same card has transactions on two or more terminals within 30 minutes, whether successful or not, including balance check.

8. In case of overdue repayment of multiple credit cards, when the cardholder is overdue for many times or the overdue amount reaches a certain amount, the bank will consider that the cardholder has malicious overdraft consumption behavior, and the bank will not only seal the card, but also include the cardholder in the bank's blacklist.

So, there are many details to pay attention to when swiping the card, not how you want to swipe it. It's better not to cross the high-voltage line.