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How can husband and wife apply for a loan to buy a house? Precautions for husband and wife to buy a

How can husband and wife apply for a loan to buy a house? As far as ordinary families are concerned, buying a house is generally a loan. If husband and wife want to buy a house after marriage, they should pay attention to relevant matters if they handle it by way of loan. How to buy a house with a couple's joint loan?

Does a couple need two people to buy a house loan?

The husband and wife need to come out together to buy the house loan. Article 17 of the marriage law stipulates the scope of the property that the husband and wife get during the period of marriage and should be jointly owned by the husband and wife. That is to say, the property that the husband and wife get during the period of marriage is jointly owned by the husband and wife, so they need to come out together to buy the house loan. Process:

1. If the buyer wants to get the mortgage service, he should pay more attention to this aspect when choosing the real estate. When the buyer knows that some projects can be applied for mortgage loan in the advertisement or through the introduction of the salesperson, he should further confirm whether the real estate developed and constructed by the developer has the support of the bank, so as to ensure the success of the mortgage loan.

2. After confirming that the property selected by the buyer is supported by the bank's mortgage, the buyer shall learn about the bank's provisions on the buyer's access to the mortgage loan from the bank or the law firm designated by the bank, prepare relevant legal documents, and fill in the mortgage loan application form.

3. After receiving the relevant legal documents of the mortgage application submitted by the buyer, the bank will issue the buyer a notice of approval of the loan or a letter of commitment for the mortgage loan after the buyer meets the conditions of the mortgage loan upon examination. The buyer can sign the pre-sale sales contract of commercial housing with the developer or its agent.

4. After the buyer signs the purchase contract and obtains the certificate of payment, he / she shall, with the relevant legal documents stipulated by the bank, sign the "housing mortgage loan contract" with the developer and the bank to clarify the loan amount, term, interest rate, repayment method and other rights and obligations.

5. The buyers, developers and banks shall go through the mortgage registration and filing procedures with the real estate management department with the housing mortgage loan contract and the housing purchase contract. After the completion of the project, the mortgage registration shall be changed.

6. After signing the housing mortgage loan contract, the buyer shall open a special repayment account in a financial institution designated by the bank, and sign a letter of authorization to authorize the institution to pay the loan principal, interest and debt of the bank and the mortgage loan contract from the account.

Can a husband and wife buy a house on their own?

The house purchased during the marriage of the husband and the wife, but the husband and the wife have no clear agreement, the house property certificate only writes the name of one of them, which should be recognized as the joint property of the husband and wife, so even if a person loans to buy a house without a clear agreement, it will also be the joint property after marriage, if it is divided later, it will be divided together.

In this way, if you want to buy a house with your own loan after marriage, you need to agree on the ownership of the property between husband and wife. In the future, there will be no dispute over the property. It is necessary to write an agreement for notarization.