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What are the advantages of feet soaking in winter? Relieve physical and mental pressure and keep hea

It's a good choice to soak your feet in hot water when you are tired or uncomfortable. Soaking your feet in winter is definitely the best way to keep healthy. What's the advantage of soaking your feet in winter? It's a good way to relieve the deep pressure by soaking your feet in boredom at night.

What's the good of feet

Relieve headache

When we soak our feet, our feet 'blood vessels expand, so that the blood from the head to the feet can relatively reduce brain congestion, so as to relieve headache. Paojiao has a good effect on treating headache caused by cold and fever.


If we can massage Yongquan point and Taichong Point on the back of big toe with one finger when we are soaking, we can effectively reduce our blood pressure.

Alleviate occupational diseases

As long as we stick to feet every day, we can alleviate the more common diseases in modern families. Because of the work, people suffer from more and more diseases. If we go to feet every day, we can often get twice the result with half the effort.

Eliminate fatigue

If you immerse your feet in 40 ℃ hot water, your body will relax obviously after about 15-20 minutes.

Treatment of sleep disorders

Washing feet with hot water can coordinate the excitability of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, regulate, dredge and relax nervous nerves, regulate meridians and blood, balance yin and Yang, and persist for a long time, which can greatly change sleep quality and cure insomnia, dreaminess, early awakening and other sleep disorders. It can also relax muscles and promote blood circulation, and promote sleep.

build up a good physique and improve one's health

The foot is the root of human beings. There are as many as 75 reflexes with important therapeutic value in the foot. Vinegar can penetrate the skin on the surface of the foot, enhance blood circulation, activate and strengthen organ functions, remove human blood garbage and pathological sediment, and cure many chronic diseases. Then

Prevent airway inflammation

Hot water washing feet can reflexively cause capillary dilation, blood circulation acceleration and cilia swinging acceleration on the surface of the respiratory tract mucosa, so as to enhance the resistance of the respiratory tract and help prevent and treat the respiratory inflammation. Then

Health preserving

There is a medical decision to say that: foot washing in spring, Yang rising and firming; foot washing in summer, heat dampness can be dispelled; foot washing in autumn, lung moistening and lung moistening; foot washing in winter, hotpot burning.

What's good for feet

Ginger feet soak

Efficacy: prevent influenza and keep hands and feet cold

1. Don't take medicine to prevent cold in autumn and winter. Soak 5 pieces of ginger in your feet for 20 minutes each time. It will be completely good for 2-3 days. It can also strengthen your body and prevent flu from happening again.