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How to apply lipstick without touching the cup? How to apply lipstick

lipstick is a necessary cosmetic in many girls' bags, which can make them beautiful anytime, anywhere! Lipstick can brighten people's skin color, even if it doesn't make up, it will make people look very energetic, but is it easy to get a cup of water after applying lipstick? Then how can you not get a cup of water after applying lipstick?

How can lipstick not touch the cup

1. Apply in several times

When you go out, you can just paint lipstick once, but it's the easiest way to get a cup of lipstick. So it is suggested that you can apply a thin layer of lipstick, wait for it to dry out, and then continue to apply the next layer, repeat several times, until it reaches your ideal state, so that the situation of touching the cup will be reduced a lot.

2. Use paper towels

Most of the time, lipstick sticks to the cup because of its high moisture, which is not easy to dry on the mouth. So if you want lipstick not to touch the cup, you need to reduce its moisture. After you apply lipstick, you can use a clean paper towel to gently sip it, so that you can wipe off the excess lipstick, make the lipstick become matte texture, and the texture seems to be advanced.

3. Smart use of powder

We all know that powder is used for making up, so it can also be used on lips. Prepare a clean tissue. After applying lipstick, cover the tissue on your lips. Apply powder to the brush and press it gently on your lips. Powder can absorb the excess water in lipstick and make lipstick less stained.

4. Apply lipstick raincoat

Lipstick raincoat may be a very strange term for many people, but in fact, it is complementary to lipstick. After you put on the lipstick raincoat three or five minutes later, you will find that your lips are covered with a transparent film. It will not only make your lips look more liquid, but also prevent the lipstick from touching the cup.

5. Use a straw to drink water

If you want to drink water outside, you can choose to use a straw as much as possible, which not only looks more elegant, but also avoids the phenomenon of lipstick stained with cups. After all, lipstick does not look good on the cup, and others will feel embarrassed when they see it. This way is really killing two birds with one stone.

How to improve the moistening degree of lipstick

Method 1: drink more water.

Sufficient water can ensure the lips moist.

Method two: use lip protection products, such as lip balm, olive oil, lip cream and so on.

In the evening, you should apply thick lip balm / lip film thick. So you will find that lips are moist after second days of waking up, and the lip condition will be better after a long time, and the wrinkles will slowly fade away.

Method 3: reduce licking, biting and tearing dead skin with hands.

Saliva contains protein substances such as amylase. When water evaporates, amylase will stick to the lip and cause the contraction of deep connective tissue, which will wrinkle the lip mucosa, make the lip dry and more serious, and may also cause inflammation of the lip angle.

How to apply lipstick

Method 1: daily care to remove dead skin.

First soften the dead skin with a hot towel, and then use a mild lip scrub to remove the dead skin.

Method 2: Base on lip care products.

This is an important cosmetic supplement to sunscreen. It is advisable to bring along a mild, non greasy lip balm.

Method 3: add lip care products.

After applying the Lip Glaze, cover the lips again with lip care products / lip balm that do not affect the makeup effect, moisten the lips.

How to apply lipstick evenly

Step 1: wipe away the excess liquid at the mouth of lipstick tube before applying the Lip Glaze, and pay attention to a small amount of overlapping.

Step 2: when daubing, the mouth is daubed in the form of 'smile', and the skin on the surface of the lips is stretched out to reduce the accumulation and unevenness of the lip glaze.

Step 3: if there is Lip Glaze accumulation on the lip makeup boundary, gently smear the excess Lip Glaze on the boundary with fingers / cotton swabs.