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Where is the winter perfume spray better? What perfume is suitable for winter?

for many women in the workplace, is there a habit of perfume spray at work? Is it pleasant to smell good perfume all the time when you go out? Winter is different from summer and the weather is cold. So we wrap ourselves up so tightly that we can make ourselves feminine. How do we spray perfume in winter?

Where is the best place to spray perfume in winter?

In winter, people wear a lot of clothes. If they are sprayed on the wrist, they may not taste very obvious. So we suggest that you can apply perfume to the position behind your ears, neck and ears. These two places are relatively high temperature parts of human body, and when they are talking with people, they are also easy to smell. Therefore, spraying the perfume in these places in winter, the evaporation effect will be better, and it will be easier to be smelled and make a good impression. But if you are sensitive skin, you should pay attention to avoid these two places. Or use the most classic method to spray perfume in the air, and then let the perfume evenly fall on the whole body, so that the taste is uniform and pleasant. It can also be sprayed on the legs, knees and ankles. Many people will find it very strange that perfume is not wasted here. In fact, it will not. This is mainly for specific situations. If you need to walk around on the day, or about a girl running fitness, you may also spray in these places, and the fragrance will emanate from your walking step, not only elegant but also lasting.

What perfume is suitable for winter?

In winter, perfume should also be changed. The summer perfume is no longer suitable for this season, and it needs strong perfume in winter. The fragrance you choose should be similar to the taste of the skin care products you apply on your body, so as to coordinate. When you buy perfume, you'd better try it in the counter so that you love your favorite fragrance. If you don't like the smell you spray on yourself, it doesn't make sense.

What should we pay attention to when we use perfume in winter?

We should pay attention to using perfume, do not mix smell. In winter, your coat may be cleaned with a softener, and the fragrance will be heavier. When you spray perfume again, the two flavors will be added together. It may be more pungent. So before you spray perfume, check whether there are other odors on your body. If you have the best, do not spray it. Proper use of perfume can make it play the biggest role.

Do you want to spray more perfume in winter?

It's also possible, but in moderation. Especially for the strong fragrance, if it is in the indoor place, the air is not circulating, and it is not easy to volatilize, it is also extremely embarrassing, too strong a fragrance will make people more disgusted. Because summer molecules are active, so the effect is obvious, perfume volatilization is also faster, and in winter the temperature is low, the volatilization effect is not good, and the smell will be lighter, so the perfume with strong points is better. In winter, people's skin is easy to dry. This will also cause perfume to last for a long time. So before you spray perfume, you can first add skin lotion to your skin and make sure that you have enough time to stay. Besides, the duration and volatilization effect of perfume are closely related to whether or not you spray the right place.