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How long can I have a baby after taking the pill? These women must not take contraceptives

Many young people like to take birth control pills to achieve the purpose of contraception. Although it won't affect the quality of sex, it's not good for the body if you take it for a long time. How long can you have children after taking the pill? Which women are not suitable for taking the pill?

At least one month

It is safe to stop taking contraceptives for half a year and then get pregnant again. During this period, other non drug contraceptive methods should be used. However, now the oral contraceptive is very advanced, the pregnancy preparation time can be shortened, and pregnancy can occur after a normal menstrual cycle. However, it is necessary to take a complete cycle of contraceptives according to the regulations when stopping the medication, instead of stopping the medication halfway, otherwise irregular bleeding will be caused, which will affect ovulation.

Some women are reluctant to take birth control pills for fear of drug-induced obesity. Indeed, certain components of contraceptive drugs can cause weight gain: androgen can cause hyperactivity or acne, especially in the first 3 months of taking oral contraceptives. * the increase in estrogen levels causes water and sodium retention, resulting in weight gain in the half cycle after menstruation. Progesterone promotes anabolism and leads to weight gain. It is worth mentioning that the incidence of weight gain is only about 15%.

Not suitable for people taking contraceptives

1. Women with chronic diseases, such as hepatitis, nephritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes.

2. Hyperthyroid women.

3. Women with benign breast tumors and uterine fibroids should not take contraceptives.

4. Women who have had or are now suffering from vascular embolism.

5. Women with chronic headache, especially migraine and vascular headache.

6. A woman with unexplained private bleeding or rare menstruation.

How to improve the success rate of pregnancy

1. Regulate menstrual stability

If you want to make your ovulation test more accurate, the most important thing is to recuperate your body, because the menstrual period of a woman directly affects the time of ovulation, only the menstrual period can be very stable, which will naturally promote ovulation, so in the whole process of pregnancy preparation, in order to be able to measure ovulation period very accurately, you must adjust it Take good care of your health, ensure that the time of each month's menstruation is very stable, and menstruation will not be very uncomfortable, dysmenorrhea and other situations.

2. Methods of ovulation measurement

There are many methods to measure the ovulation period. The most basic one is to test it with test paper. However, many female friends feel that the test results of the test paper are not very accurate, and there may be problems in the storage of the test paper sometimes, which will also lead to the deviation of the measurement results. Therefore, we can cooperate with the observation method to test, for example, our body temperature begins to appear Now it is elevated, or some transparent secretions without peculiar smell are found on underwear, which are the characteristics of the coming ovulation period, so in such a period of time, with the test paper for measurement, we can naturally have a good rule to master.

3. Determine the peak period of ovulation

When the ovulation period is approaching the peak, you can speed up the measurement speed every day, so that you can better determine the peak time period of ovulation period. If you determine the peak day of ovulation period, you can share the room with your lover. Generally, within 24 hours of the peak day of ovulation period, you need to conceive every 12 hours. This kind of room sharing frequency can improve women's speed more quickly Therefore, female friends must master such ovulation test methods.