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What is smoking a cat? Why is smoking cat more and more popular?

Sucking a cat is a network term, which refers to the pet cat's owner's favorite action on the cat. Although there is nothing wrong with pet animals, it's hard to understand that they are so addicted to this kind of behavior and can't extricate themselves.

What is smoking a cat?

Sucking cat is a very popular online vocabulary recently. In fact, it means that I like cats very much because I want to play with them for a long time. I feel very addictive and addictive with them. So playing with them is called sucking cats!

In fact, the cat is a mysterious little animal, they have a charming character. The temperament of each kitten is also different. They can rest and sleep for more than 20 hours in 24 hours of the day, so the excrement shoveling officers can interact with their master Mao for only a few hours or even a few minutes. It's very likely that the master is tired and runs to sleep without playing for a while. Or just hold it for a while and then run away, lick your dirty hair and leave.

The magic of sucking cats, the charming mental feeling of magic touch, is not convincing for people who love cats to describe it at all. Only when people who have no feeling for cats lose their mind, can they explain the horror of cats.

When I was a child, the person who was scratched by a black cat with a blue eyes and a frightening look never had a slightest good feeling for the cat. He felt that they were the incarnation of the devil. He didn't understand why so many people shouted to suck the cat every day, which eye was wrong. Until later when I went to a friend's house to play, she had a little white cat with the name of "little fart", which is harmless to human and animals. After contacting with little fart a lot, I gradually put down my guard against the cat. My friend told me how cool he was when his little fart rubbed on his body every day. I felt that the cat's face was cute as long as it was not so sharp.

Why are so many people addicted to smoking cats?

Sucking cat, also known as sucking cat poison, refers to taking various ways to play with some potential dependent meow stars. As a result, the abuser has a state of dependence on the meow, forcing them to pursue playing endlessly. Once they are addicted to smoking, they will not be able to extricate themselves.

Sucking cat is not only a contemporary invention. Lu You, a famous patriotic poet of the Northern Song Dynasty in China, was also addicted to it: 'the wind rolled the river and the rain darkened the village, and the sound of four mountains turned the sea.

The firewood in the stream is soft and warm, so we can't go out. '