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The 2019 art unified examination is coming! Where is the specific examination point of the art depar

Shenzhen recruitment and Examination Office announced the notice of 2019 unified examination point of art! Many netizens are concerned about the specific examination site of the art department in 2019? Come and have a look.

1、 Examination site setting

In 2019, there are four test points for the unified examination of art in the general college entrance examination, namely Xingzhi vocational and technical school, Xixiang middle school, Henggang high school and Pingshan high school.

2、 Examination arrangement

According to the capacity of each test center and the distribution of examinees, and according to the principle of convenience nearby, four test centers will undertake the test work of examinees in the nearby area. Among them, Xingzhi vocational and technical school is responsible for examinees in Luohu, Futian and Yantian areas; Xixiang middle school is responsible for examinees in Nanshan, Bao'an and Guangming areas; Henggang senior middle school is responsible for examinees in Longgang and Longhua areas; Pingshan senior middle school is responsible for examinees in Pingshan and dapengxin areas.

3、 Job requirements

Art unified examination is an important part of the general college entrance examination. All relevant districts and schools should attach great importance to and fulfill their duties, carefully prepare for all examinations, formulate strict examination organization and implementation plans, further refine examination measures, standardize examination operation procedures, and ensure the smooth and stable implementation of the 2019 art unified examination in our city.