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Can the perfect aloe vera gel directly wipe your face? Effect and function of aloe gum

Can the perfect aloe vera gel be directly applied on the face? Aloe vera gel has the effect of light spot, anti-inflammatory and whitening. Many girls like to use it when they have acne on their face. Can aloe vera gel be directly applied on the face? What are the effects and functions of Aloe Vera Gel?

Can the perfect aloe vera gel be applied directly to the face

Perfect aloe vera gel can be directly applied on the face, because it is made of pure natural products. Many girls even tried to eat perfect aloe vera gel, but there is no side effect, so pure natural substances will not have any burden on the skin, so it can be directly applied on the face.

Aloe nourishes the skin

The polysaccharide and vitamins contained in Aloe have good nutrition, moistening and whitening effects on human skin. Emerald leaf aloe is the most suitable fresh aloe leaf for direct beauty, that is, aloe vera, which has the properties of skin convergence, softening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and bleaching. It also has the effect of relieving hardening, keratosis and improving scars. It can not only prevent small wrinkles, eye bags and skin relaxation, but also keep skin moist and tender. At the same time, it can also treat skin inflammation, and has a good effect on acne, freckles, acne, burns, knife wounds, insect bites, etc. It is also effective for hair. It can keep hair moist and smooth and prevent hair loss.

Aloe can resist the aging of mucin in aloe, which is the core component of polysaccharide such as arboran a baloe mannanoetin. Mucin is an important component to prevent cell aging and treat chronic allergy. Mucin exists in muscles, gastrointestinal mucosa and other places of the human body, making the tissue elastic. If the liquid element is insufficient, the muscles and mucosa will lose their elasticity and become stiff and aging. The cells that make up the human body, if the mucin is insufficient, the cells will gradually weaken and lose the ability to defend against germs and viruses.

Aloe can promote the healing of the artificial double can use aloe to promote the healing effect, on the artificial conjunctival edema of the rabbit aloe can shorten the healing days. Aloe juice preparation has protective effects on skin trauma, burn and X-ray local irradiation.