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How does darling hair sparse do? How to change easily

The hair of newborn babies is usually scarce. If many careful mothers find that the hair of their babies is still rare when they are 2 to 3 years old, they should start to think about ways. So, how does darling hair sparse do? Here are some easy ways to change.

First: wash your baby's hair frequently. For a long time, mothers tend to have a misunderstanding that washing their baby's hair more often will make his hair, which is rare, fall off further, so they are afraid to wash his hair. In fact, this is not the case. Only by washing the baby's hair regularly, can the scalp be kept clean to prevent sweat and dirt from blocking the pores and affecting the growth of the hair. Mothers can rest assured that hair loss during shampoo is only the decline of the hair automatically falling, which is the natural metabolism. However, it is worth noting that a good quality shampoo for children should be selected, which is mild in nature.

Second: comb your baby's hair frequently. Combing your baby's hair every day can promote the blood circulation of her head, which has a significant effect on the rapid growth of her hair. Mothers should remember to choose a soft rubber comb to comb their baby's hair, which can protect the baby's scalp and hair. In addition, it's the right way to comb your baby's hair in the direction of natural growth. Moms must not comb at will. Third, take your baby to the sun. On a warm sunny day, mothers can take their baby to the sun for half an hour, so that the baby's scalp can be illuminated by the sun. The sun ultraviolet has a strong bactericidal effect and can kill harmful bacteria on the baby's scalp, which is very conducive to the healthy growth of baby's hair.

Fourth: strengthen the baby's nutrition deployment. Most babies with very few hair are short of calcium, and even some babies will have baldness. In this way, when mothers arrange food for their babies, they should give them more vegetables at ordinary times. Feed the baby more soymilk, millet porridge, etc. Mothers need to supplement their babies with vitamins to ensure that they have adequate nutrition to promote their hair growth.

In addition, some mothers will choose to shave their baby's hair when they see the baby's hair is sparse, which can stimulate the growth of hair. In fact, this traditional idea of the older generation is not so applicable. Shaving will disrupt the normal growth of the baby's hair. It's best to let your baby's hair grow naturally, and the trend of hair growth will be better and better when your baby is 3 years old.